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People often call that homeopathy doesn't help in an acute condition since it is slow in action. Some also would say that it has no action at all, it just helps psychologically. But, before talking to this I would like to give the answer in reply to curiosity of some friends who want to know what was that Bach flower remedy which helped that patient of tuberculosis of brain who has been undergone to modern anti-TB treatment and after which suddenly became hysterical and started losing her weight and the delicacy of her charm and personality.

She was the executive in some private firm and to whom Dr. Shahida treated her for this, though which helped to some extent, later Dr. Aarish treated her with Bach flower. The remedy, since Dr. Aarish keeps that secret so we don't know but the patient responded to that. Many friends here have asked about that remedy, may be that would be Chestnut Bud. Chestnutbud in Bach flower remedy helps in learning process. A lady, who undergone with neurosis perhaps had lost all such kind of charm to have her person and personality, here this young lady who had lost the personality in which she was already having. Modern science defines pathology well but not about the pathogenesis. In the sense, who was having the brain tumor and treated by considering that as she is a TB patient. And, the treatment had made her hysterical along with some symptoms of neurosis. An intelligent lady being an executive of a firm was behaving like a child, what it means? No doubt, homeopathy helped in resolving her emotions and stressed life, and it is therefore responded to homeopathy to some extent but finally was not came out from that stage of childishness. She was not having the sense of any such thing as her person and was behaving like a child as if not knowing anything and therefore was behaving like a child, in her actions and in her postures as well. And, therefore Bach flower remedy helped in this case to learn maturity of a person again. Here, in my view it is not important to know and remember that what was the remedy but the important is the beauty of Bach Flower itself which has the basic constitutional as per the mind and psyche of a person. I shared this case here only to enlighten the importance of psychology of a person. Human psychology needs variety of genes to form a psyche of an individual.

Now, I would like to share an experience with acute remedy in treating a chronic case. She was a case of chronic renal failure. It was an acute form of her pathos to which she was suffering for many months. Here I will appreciate the observations of one of my student Miss Sadaf Quraishi from the Aarish Academy who told the condition of this patient at the time when she was going to die by any moment due to an acute condition. Miss Sadaf, who was there at that time and was narrating me the whole picture of that patient, in her words, “the patient was alright in the morning but had started complaining about severe headache. Her BP was high and was on allopathic medicine which was Amlodipin. Soon after taking this drug she had started convulsions and then went into comatose state. Her parents took her to St. George Hospital (a govt. hospital of Mumbai) where in casualty their doctors put her on a ventilator by saying that they will observe 24 hours as she is in very serious condition and already was a patient of kidney failure. On ventilator, she also had convulsions around 5-6 times and during attacks she was restless.”

What Sadaf observed further that during convulsions her whole body used to become stiff like a wood and was trying to raise herself for the help in her gasping stage and for which their doctors tied her body with the cot. The brief history of this case was that she who was around 20 years was suffering with chronic renal failure and to which was undergoing for dialysis at the Nair Hospital, Mumbai. Her case registration no. was K/460711 and at the St. George Hospital the no. was K/565012 dated 23.6.2018. Here, K stands for kidney disease. She further disclosed that as convulsions come her eyes go upward then her body become stiff and was trying to lift up in spite she was being tied with the cot, was also in respirator, her mouth was also tied so that she should not cling her tongue. The situation was in very panic stage with no hopes of recovery and this is that acute condition of in that chronic renal failure case in which the creatinine level was very high and this student from the Aarish Academy was asking the remedy on phone for her since the patient was a relative of her also.

After listening her carefully I suggested Cuprum Arsenicum to her in 30 potency, repeatedly. To this she asked, “but how to give, if the whole body is tied, mouth is gagged, nose was having inhaler tubes from the respirators?” So, I told her don't give that remedy by administering orally or bodily, only make it to be inhaled repeatedly and also apply under her nails. Surprisingly, in two days this unconscious patient regained her consciousness and became alright. This would be a miracle to them but to me was an action of this homeopathic remedy which can be helpful to such kind of patients.

In such unconscious stage the Bach Flower remedy is Clematis but in this case it was not given at all. So my dear friends, once again I say that 'Go beyond pathies for the sake of Mankind.' All pathies are having their role whether Homeopathy, Bach Flower remedy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and even allopathy too. So learn the art of healing through all approaches. Do not be a prejudiced to one. One more thing, to prescribe a homeopathic remedy for an acute condition is not a joke, because in this condition either the patient would die or would managed with allopathic way to some extent. Therefore, to prescribe a homeopathic remedy one should sure enough and which should covering as per the totality of whole condition. Homeopathy in acute condition is like a sword with of two blades. Thanks to God, she saved and my students learned a lesion.

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