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Nipah virus (NiV) or a molecule presently has caused a havoc perhaps all over India though it is restricted to some parts of Kerala only. It's in molecular form in form of a molecular epidemiology. A molecule is a virus or a particle of a molecule. Molecules are also known as a virus. Molecule of a virus or the epidemiology of infectious diseases are much older than the recognition of their causative agents that means transmission modes, vectors, point sources, seasonality, etc. were known long before the first micro-organisms were recognized as causing infectious disease according to Koch's criteria. For viruses this was established just 100 years ago, and their identification as pathogenic agents is not yet complete according to the book "Principles of Cellular and Molecular Immunology" written by Austy J.M. Wood. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, year 1993. Modern science calls this a molecular epidemiology presently which is causing havoc.

However, Ayurveda knows these as 'Kapha-Prakopa and Pittha-Prakopa' with different seasons while Naturopathy linked them to poverty and nutrition. If suppressed by wrong means as per modern allopathic symptomatic way would lead to more serious conditions like pneumonitis and encephalitis. While WHO, often, in every epidemic of such kind suggests the guidelines on the basis of antibodies from these.

The symptomatology of Nipah virus of Kerala, as reported by media, causing by fruit eater bats is severe headache, fever with respiratory distress ultimately leading into coma and death. Headache is violent type beginning with chilly stage followed with fever with chilliness of whole body with joint pains and offensive sweat. Patient becomes very weak, headache is lasting for many hours. Fever is intermittent. So far some 12 to 14 deaths have been already registered in the medical college hospital of Kozhikode. Because of which the panic has already been spread all over India. The homeopathic remedy which can be helpful may be Arsenic, Apis, Natrum Mur and someone suggested Gelsemium too though the totality of the symptoms are also matching with the proving of Cimex.

Cimex may be the remedy as per the Prophetic Homeopathy. Cimex, the blood of bedbug looks like dates colour, this is my speculation. I have not seen any such case so far, and it looks that there is no need of any panic. This epidemic is not that kind. It is a kind of molecular epidemic restricted to some parts of Kerala only. God bless us all.

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