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DrMirza Anwer Baig 

Multi Drug Resistant TB or Total drug resistant TB are the modern nomenclatures for the malignant TB of today to which our conventional medicines have no answer to know about them and also to treat them. Even then they claim that they can treat it provided there should not be any interference from the other stand points. Now what are these stand points? Sometimes they blame the patients that are not taking their medicines properly. Sometime they blame pharmaceutical companies of not having the real manufactured remedies, according to them which are spurious drugs. And, sometimes also to the other faculties of medicine like Homeopathy, Unani and Ayurveda etc. that these are the persons who disturb the process of healing through their quackery and make the patient resist to their so called drugs. They believe, also the Govt. that above mentioned drugs which are the medicine for TB are the only medicines not any other thing.

One more very interesting point is that most of such cases do not have those germs which are believed to cause TB. On the contrary their modern tests to define the presence of those germs through some old and new laboratory test take many weeks to months to find the presence of them in their reports. Yet one more thing, there are some more sophisticated tests which are very costly as well defined by the newly discovered technology which links with the specific markers which may be considered as of TB, AIDS or Cancer also. In the sense, today's modern medical science which has become more mechanical claiming it as evidence based by collecting the data which are also based on animal studies not clinical. No one has ever asked these modern scientists that after all what had happened to those experimental modules which were tested and diagnosed through these modern gadgets.

However, today's modern allopathy which finds the fitness of a patient in their modern test how far right or wrong in their experimental and clinical findings? God knows, may GOD bless the patients who after getting frustrated through their testing and treatments are those who come to the alternatives. Unfortunately, very recently a notification from the Govt. was that a homeopath and other physicians of Unani or Ayurveda or Naturopathy must not treat such patients and report to the government about these defaulters otherwise these doctors would be considered as defaulters and will be punishable from fine to prosecution and may be jailed. What then? If a depressed and frustrated patient comes to us which was declared as incurable by labeling as multi-drug or all drug resistant case and which was left for dying. Surprisingly would become drug sensitive case that not allopathically but with homeopathically. What would they say about such cases which have been cured through Homeopathy of TB, cancer and AIDS which were declared incurable from them and also from all stand point, whether, would our government would take the serious notification in this matter? And also would be testing the ability of those allopaths which like a frog of well dictate and comment about such cases and medicine without having the knowledge of these pathies which are there as beyond pathies of our conventional understanding about the disease and medicine including health.

Here I would like to define one such all drug resistant TB case, who was treated for TB resulted into Amenorrhoea. Her menses was suppressed during the treatment for her TB. Earlier she had typhoid then some kind of respiratory distress was having para-tracheal nodes later she developed granuloma of sternum and her one cheek etc. She had come to homeopathy in Mafkhar Clinics, Mumbai for regularizing her menses. During treatment with Dr. Neha Sayed, her menses was regularized but a mysterious pathology of granuloma came out that too of bones of that beneath which in her x-ray finding para-tracheal nodes were seen. Mean time she also consulted with her allopath doctors and was also been tested and investigated. Finally, at this stage they declared her as incurable and referred her to Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital for investigations but she did not go there preferred to come to the homeopathy i.e. Mafkhar Clinic. And this is how I came into the picture and treated her. Surprisingly, this young girl with tabo of multi drug resistant TB had been cured completely through Homeopathy. See her latest photos and the details about this case refer my previous articles with the links given below:



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