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DrMirza Anwer Baig
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Some of you have often asked and are asking to know about my nosodes 1 & 2 since I have been very oftenly using them in variety of cases as constitutional remedies, particularly whether causes are as viral infection or affections. Viruses are of two types. One which sought i.e. move, another which do not. Viruses are also of 2 main types in their molecular structure. One which have their own DNA through which they can multiply by themselves like influenza virus, while another type of viruses are which do not have their own DNA, are having RNA only, therefore also known as RNA virus. Such types of virus are totally dependent upon the host for their living and multiplications. They are also of 2 sub types, one which move as of breast cancer virus or of AIDS, which is believed to be HIV1 while HIV2 do not move like TB molecules. AIDS virus-1 which is also known as retrograde virus since they though take entry through the oral routes traveling through lymph and then entering inside the genome of the host, then comes out from that after getting multiplication. This is what a theory which has been defined by the American scientists who were working on AIDS.

However, Silver Baby Syndrome which also known as Griscelli Syndrome is having all the disease symptoms and signs of diseases from A to Z like AIDS but surprisingly it doesn't have HIV as the cause. So, if AIDS can be caused without the HIV then why should one believe that AIDS is because of the HIV only. I have presented my paper on this mysterious disease Silver Baby Syndrome i.e. AIDS minus HIV. The title of my paper 'Silver Baby Syndrome, the Painting of Big Canvas' which I presented in the year 2000 at Budapest, Hungary in 55th LIGA Congress. If one will understand the basic logic which I tried to explain in that paper how the body's defense can be disturbed with the pigments not because of HIV but the pigments of melanin. If they are being deposited more and more inside the cells whether of WBC or RBC or inside the bone marrow, inside the skin or else whereas in any other organ, will going to give rise mysterious conditions. And, such types of understanding were known to earlier physicians of India and also to Greeks, also to Arabs and Persians. These melanin pigments are defined by Avicenna with reference to Galen as the burnt part of the bile which is one component of the blood, which also termed as yellow lymph (serum) if got affected would turn into black which he termed as Sauda i.e. the cause to a mysterious and malignant disease. These burnt parts, today the modern medical science is identifying as the complex of antigen and antibody i.e. a waste if will not be allowed to get eliminated from within the body is going to give variety of diseases from AIDS, Cancer and Drug Resistant TB also genetically involvement etc. i.e. from A to Z. This is my theory.

Now, if you have the time, read the article which I shared in picture form. Also can refer my previous articles on Silver Baby Syndrome following the link given bellow…




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