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 Q : What is Nipah Virus ?

A : Nipah virus was initially discovered when it caused an outbreak of brain fever among pig farmers in Malaysia.

Q : Should I be worried ?

A : A little. As it is transmitted from person to person and there is no effective antiviral therapy for this infection .

Q : Who is at high risk ? How is it transmitted ?

A : 1. People working with pigs and consuming pigs.

2. Farmers who come in contact with bats.

3. Consuming Fruits which are already bitten by bat.

4. Contact with people who already have Nipah virus infection.

Q : What are the early symptoms ?

A : The initial presentation is non-specific, characterized by the sudden onset of fever, headache, muscle pain , nausea and vomiting. Neck rigidity and photophobia are also seen.

The disease rapidly progresses, with deterioration in consciousness *leading to coma within five to seven days.*

Q :How is it diagnosed ?

A : The rdiagnosis is by ELISA which is currently done at National institute of Virology, Pune. In Manipal Hospital Bangalore.

Q : How is it treated ?

A : Supportive care is the mainstay of treatment and infected patients may require intensive care monitoring.


Q : How do i prevent it ?

A : 1. Avoid contact with pigs and pig handlers .

2. Maintain personal hygeine and intensive hand washing practices

3. *Avoid consuming raw fruits,* Consume only well cooked, clean, home made food till the outbreak settles down.

4. Preferably use N95 mask while travelling or working in public places to avoid person to person transmission.

5. Be aware of the symptoms and report to the doctor immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.

- Dr.Arjun.M.B, MD

Dr.R.M.L Hospital, New Delhi.

(National Nodal Centre for Control of yellow fever and other communicable diseases)



Refer my write up on Head Movements also which i will post separately.

No vaccine against Nipha till date.

There are answers for all kind of Fevers in our Homoeopathy. Because, we always treat according to the Symptoms which we observe&it is definitely Effective also.

Posting Some important useful symptoms with remedies to the Youngsters especially for Nipah Viral Fever below.

Symptoms of Nipha Virus Fever:- Sudden Violent onset of High Fever, Headache, Vomiting, Vertigo, Unconsciousness, Abnormal Behaviour,Convulsions(in some patients),Coma, Collapse leading to death etc.

1-All symptoms set-in with Violence:-

AETHUSA 30-With Lenia Nsalis Much Marked.

CARBOLIC ACID30- Rapid Sinking of Vital Forces, White about Mouth&Nose.

ACONITE 30-Tossing about(Dioscorea Q).

BELL 3x,30-Red Face with Moaning.

STRAMONIUM30+MP6x- Upper Abdomen Steaming Hot, Jerks, Starting Eyes, may lead to Convulsions.

ABSINTHIUM 30+SILICEA6x-Cerebral Irritation with Sudden Fever&Convulsions at the Start itself. Vertigo with tendency to fall Forward. Bluish Face with Spasmodic Facial Twitchings. Nausea, Retching. Wind colic with Bloating around the Waist or Abdomen.

CAMPHOR Q,3X,6X+KP6X-Fever with Violent Convulsions with Pictures a "State of Collapse" with Icy Coldness of Body, with Bluish Body, Sudden Sinking of Strength with Small&Weak Pulse. Very important symptom is "The patient Throws Away Covers(Dislike Covering) eventhough his body is Icy Cold". Vertigo, Unconsciousness, Feels as if He Would Die. Fixed, Starting Eyes, Pupils Dilated. Anxious, Disturbed, Bluish, Cold Face with Cold Sweat. Sometimes with Blackish Involuntary Stools.

PYROGEN30+SILICEA6X-Rapid Rise of Temperature."Septic Fevers".Latent Pyogenic Condition. "Chill Begins in Back".Coldness&Chilliness. Loquacious. Face shows Full of Anxiety. Don't know whether he is Dreaming while Asleep or Awake."Best Homoeopathic Antiseptic".Fan-Like Motion of Alae Nasae.

2-EUPATORIUM PERF30+NM6X OR MP6X:-Fever with Body Pains. Bilious Vomiting. Throbbing Headache. Vertigo with Sensation of "Falling to the Left".

3-BRYONIA 3X,30+NM6X:- Fever with Vertigo. If he tries to Get Up from Bed, He will be Forced Back to Bed because of Vertigo. Severe Thirst with Extreme Dryness of All Mucous Membranes. Bursting, Splitting Headache, even the Eyes are Horribly Painful. Bitter Taste. Nausea.

4-FORMALIN 30+SILICEA6X:-Fever with Vertigo, Unconsciousness,"DOESN'T KNOW WHERE HE IS ON OPENING EYES".

5-GIVE, KALMIA Q,5 drops(elders),3 drops(children),4 times daily in warm water for 3 days along any of the selected remedies for an Easy Cure.

FEVER:-QUESTIONS WITH SPOT REMEDIES,Included Cold also.Other Important Remedies for Fevers

Fever pettennu vannu:-Aconite 30+FP6x.(with loose motion, give KP6x) Hourly.

Pollunna fever:-Bell3x, 30+MP6x.

Pollunna fever with Jerks (nettunnu), Steaming hot upper abdomen:-Stramonium 30+MP6x.

Fever with offensive stool, sip water frequently:-Ars alb30+KP6x. If the child is playfull, give KS6x.

Fever with tenesmus or pain during urination:-Pyrogen 30+Silicea 6x.

Fever, gave vaccination yesterday doctor:-Thuja 30+Silicea 6x.

Tonsured head yesterday doctor:-Bell 3x, 30+FP6x.

Fever with shivering:-Gels 3x, 30+FP 6x or MP 6x.

Fever with vomiting:-Eupat perf 30+NM6x.

Fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, very high fever after having food from outside (hotel or festivals, wedding etc):-Pyrogen 30+Silicea 6x.

Peevish, crying, white coated tongue:-Ant crud 30+KM6x.

Severe crying, with ear or other pains:-Chamomilla 30+MP6x.

Very high fever, Rattling in chest:-Ant tart 30+KS6x.(if too much tired&with agglutination of eyes, give Ant ars 30 instead of Ant tart).

Fever with measles like rashes:-Gels 30+NM6x.(with Redness of Eyes, give Euphrasia 30+NM6x).(with high fever, give, Aconite 30+NM6x).

High fever, very very severe cough, child is even afraid to cry, laugh, speak etc because of fear of the paroxysms of cough, cough so violent that coughing brings on even tears:-Cina 30+NM6x or MP6x.

Tormented face with intermittent fever (vittu vittu fever):-China 30+MP6x.

Smiling&Playful child, will give us a lovely smile inspite high fever, Night cough prevent sleep:-Hyosciamus 30+KS6x or Silicea 6x (puffed face) or KP6x.

Fever with blisters on lips:-Acid mur 30+NM6x.

Fever with vertigo or dizziness, cannot get up, extreme thirst:-Bry 30+MP6x.

Faints in fever, doesn't know where he is:-Formalin 30+MP6x.

Fever with Horripilation:-Calendula 30+MP6x.

Angry child with fever, beat mother or father. Throws things around:-Staphysagriya 30+Silicea 6x.

Smart&Studious."Hurt Look, Silent character, Dislike covering of body".Nettle Rashes:-Ignatia 30+NM6x.

Piteous crying, severe coryza, bores finger in nose:-Cina 30+NP6x or CF6x.

Fever with running cold, Delirium, Hot Face with Cold Arms &Legs,"Pitchum Peyum Parayuka=Muttering Delirium":-Sabadilla 30+MP6x.

Fever with severe cold with Tormented Face:-Kali iodum 30+MP6x or Silicea 6x.

Nagging sensation in forehead with distress with fever&cold:-Sticta Q+MP6x or Silicea 6x.

Fever, child sleep with open mouth due to nasal block&cold. Nostrils look Reddish:-Arum triph 30+Silicea 6x(raw corroding nostrils) or NM6x.

Fever, cannot even suck breast milk due to nasal block:-Sambucus 3x, 30+Silicea 6x.

Fever, sucking breast milk all the time, mother will be in distress because of that:-Calc carb 30+CP6x.

Fever, cannot even lie down due to severe nasal block with fever-blisters on lips:-Acid Mur 30+Silicea 6x or NM6x.

When u don't get the desired result in 2days, give,

Kalmia Q, 3 to 5drops, 4times daily for 2days only along with above remedies.

Or, Drone (Leucas Aspera Q,

Or, Millefolium Q for "Continued High Temperature",

Or, Chininum Ars 30.

The above 4 remedies are specialists for "Protracted Fevers=Fever persisting more time than Usual".

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