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Impotence which is most of the time functional though it is organic as well some time. Erectile dysfunction is a new terminology for the functional impotence. Homeopathically this can be treated easily, the remedies which are having laurel are, such as Argentum Nitricum, Gelsemium, Lycopodium, Caladium, Onosmodium, Phosphoric Acid etc., provided must be used as per the totality of the symptoms. While for organic dysfunction or impotence Aurum Metallicum, Agnus Castus, Conium, Fluric Acid, Picric Acid etc. may have some value. Apart from this, some gadgets may also be required in such cases where the fault is in the organ and not in the mind alone.

Long back, when I was a surgeon I had discovered some gadgets, few of them which I have mentioned in my book 'Nafse-Ammarah' (i.e The Lower Instincts). This book is in Hindi also, naming 'Man ka Shaitan' (i.e. The Devil of Lower Instincts), published by Mafkhar Publications. However, one of my face book friends have asked me whether I have treated any case of impotence? I did not reply initially then he started continuously begging “please reply, please reply” (just see his impatience-ness as if he himself was the patient). So, I replied him and suggested to read this book 'Man ka Shaitan'. In his further reply he said, he is in terrible suffering and I am joking. He further requested to write an article on this subject i.e. impotence. In short, he wanted some remedy for him through this public media. In his repeatedly asking the same questions I felt impatience-ness and begging with panic in him. So I said have patience.

Now, what would be his remedy, if we analyze his case. First thing is impatience-ness, asking the same questions again and again. But, in the beginning he had asked whether I have treated any such case shows doubt. And, when repeatedly asking and explaining his miseries with implore (in Hindi 'ghighiyana' i.e. beg someone earnestly or desperately to do something), saying 'Please – please - please' is like begging. So, one thing his doubt ('Have you treated any case') and then repeatedly asking for the same topic with saying 'please – please - please' covers to more rubrics. It means 1) Doubt, 2) Impatience-ness and 3) Begging… here Arsenic Alb could be his remedy and could be his constitutional as well. Most of the diabetic patients who suffer with this because of their malicious habits (like alcoholism and chewing tobacco) losing weight because of impaired nutrition may need Arsenic for their impotence. In his photograph he looks slim and tall, is another clue to think of this remedy i.e. Arsenic.

For a good homeopath, one should be good listener and observer as well and should also having the ability to judge as per the clinical condition. This is a guru mantra in analyzing a case. Here I would like to share a very interesting case of so called functional impotence, not an organic type.

He was a young boy around 20 years old, was recently married,
but was very sad and depressed. He was accompanied with his father and the newly married wife. History revealed that he could not perform the act after trying again and again in 4-5 days then he surrendered and became depressed and sad and then disclosed this to his father about the matter. His father consulted his friend and siscussed this matter who suggested him to consult me and this is how he was there with his son and daughter in law. His daughter in law was a beautiful girl and simple nature-wise. I asked his father and his wife to wait outside and took his interview.

In his own word, he was good enough prior to his marriage and was also good as the time of coition but in spite many attempts by applying more and more force he could not been able to penetrate inside her. And during the act of this he got injured and bleeded. There after he lost the erection. On examination I found his frenum was torn while hymen was intact and that is why he bleeded not his wife. The problem was not in the love core was in the love hole. Few doses of a Homeopathic remedy which was decided after examining them made this young couple happy in their life. Surprisingly, the remedy was given to his wife not to him. Now, it is your turn to guess the remedy

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