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Vericella Zoster are filter viruses are like herpes simplex virus, helps in building the cellular response against a similar kind of viruses if are being causing infections in the early childhood. In fact these viruses are seen by ultrasonic microscopes, persisting in the nerve cells in a repressed form. If are being triggering in the age of early childhood indicating a good sign for the immunity point of view.

In the same way Measles virus can also persist in lymphocytes for being persisted. Therefore earlier physicians with their eye on natural understanding were more wiser than us of today. It is also therefore such kind of eruptive fevers were not treated in the first place. People of that era were also as per the practical experience not getting panic or making the people panic. While in our era in the name of protection against viral diseases some antiviral vaccines have been made, also antiviral drugs and this way the such viruses which have been considered as friend of one time have become foe now. Now it is commonly seeing that such types of fevers are occurring in young adults not in younger children. And which is also the sole cause of variety of cancers like affection which are being seeing in the younger children and also in teen and young adults such as; like Lymphomas, Leucomas, glioma, hepatoma, etc. Thanks to our big bosses who look for this kind of protection of diseases by sitting in the ivory towers have no answer to all this which is happening. One more example why a new set of the virus EB (Epstein Barr) has been considered as the ultimate cause for so many viral cancers but with having resembling to them which were not pathogenic to cause cancers. EB (Epstein Barr) Virus is similar to Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV).

May God bless our young youths, most of which are immuno compromised are at the risk, so by developing more and more new vaccines we are in fact inviting to get transform such friendly viruses into the family of our enemy. Means by growing new vaccines to protect against viruses we are spreading the infection and terror in the society and not protecting our youth is a black truth.

Here is the example of this child of one and a half year old with what he was suffering. He had vaccine for Rubella as per the routine schedule 2-3 weeks or may be month before getting sick to the fever and for which was treating by the family physician. During 3-4 days of fever when started showing some maculopapular eruptions which were noticed by the family and which were few on the face and head, the parents linked it to some drug reaction and consulted to another physician and perhaps who gave him steroids and the topical ointment of anti-histamine and which made the child further weak and irritable. At this stage considering allopathic medicines are causing reaction the family decided to go for homeopathy. With homeopathy more reaction came in form of marked eruptions, some of which were papulopustular type. Now though his fever was not there but the child was still irritable and restless, now because of the itch so the anxiety of his parents in panic decided to go to a skin specialist. And this is who advised them to hospitalize the child or taking him to the Kasturba Hospital for the infectious diseases and which was the real reason they came back again to homeopathy.

However, certainly this child was a case of varicella (chickenpox) not variolla (smallpox), vaccinia either though was resembling very much to minor form of smallpox and vaccinia like, i.e. the cowpox. Vaccinia is also a contagious disease amongst cattle, but is transmissible to man and if one gets this automatically becomes protected to any other pox. To young doctors, this was the theory of Jenner who is the father of immunization, he who invented this and which is one example of homeopathy also. Jenner's first vaccine was on the principle of homeopathy.

Varicella is a Chickenpox and which is always confusing, it is because sometime in severe cases it looks true like smallpox. Chickenpox and smallpox can be distinguished by several points and methods, the most easy to remember is one important point and which is, unlike smallpox chickenpox does not usually affect the palms and soles of the patient.

See the same child on the stage of convalescence, when psoric symptoms in form of more eruptions and itch came to the surface they again consulted some other doctor then again came back to homeopathy. Lastly last he developed pneumonia like affection which is also a strong psoric manifestation, he needed Antim Tart, few doses, which cleared his pneumonia too. People get panic to pneumonia but the latest research of modern medicine says that the child who gets pneumonia in early childhood becomes automatically resistant to TB i.e. Tuberculosis. Now what would say our orthodox allopath. God bless them. Pneumonia is also a friend to the child not foe.

This child also proves the observations of earlier homeopaths that more and more eruption clears out the toxins from within the body. This way viruses after getting multiplied leave the host by training its immune system since such viruses are lysin means got dissolved and excreted out in nature. If our orthodox medication would suppress this process of cleansing they will remain inside the system and then these are those which will be causing cancers and cysts.

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