In context to HIV and AIDS some of my friends are asking particularly about Parvez Alam, one of my successfully treated AIDS patient. For more details about Parvez one can see related posts by following the links given below. He was HIV positive more than 20 years ago. So? May be, would have been still positive but with no disease, otherwise as per his doctors who had been treating him that time declared about his status that he may not be surviving more than 6 months but now more than 20 years have been passed. Today, he is not only alive but is fully fit and fine except some or other time he comes to me with general ailments like cough and cold. It means, as per AIDS definition, he is in the category of long term survivor and like few cases like Magic Johnson (Los Angeles).

However, AIDS is everywhere though in real sense its epidemic form was in America and Europe, also found in Africa almost around 37 to 38 years ago. Now, it is in Asia, particularly in our country. May be, may not? AIDS virus, the HIV is believed to be the cause of AIDS, though does not kill any directly. It's the opportunistic infection whether of swine flu, dengue, malaria or resistant typhoid and or TB, or just diarrhea and common cold as well which can be fatal. In the sense the worst epidemic today is the one that ravages the immunity of a person would be killer where this HIV may be or may not. Such as now TB, which have become resistant because of HIV as most of the specialists are treating this condition when are failing they believe this as HIV. God knows, whether it is HIV or our ailing medical system is the sole cause of this.

HIV, i.e. Human Immunity Deficiency virus is a harmless molecule to someone though most of the scientists of today are still believing that it precedes AIDS in the first place as it attacks the immune system and leaving it powerless against any infection, simple or complex. While in my study I found it as a savior, yes indeed the incredible truth is this only. 20 years ago, while by sharing my findings with the chief investigator of AIDS in USA, Dr. Leanna J. Standish, who was then the Principle Investigator and Co-Director of Bastyr University, Brothell, Washington (USA). In my AIDS patients who were cured through Homeopathy, surprisingly their viral load was increased as they were came out from that disease condition with that they were suffering.

By the way, here is the case, but before sharing this, I would like to define how AIDS is being occurring whether due to HIV or without HIV? It is because in our defense system there are 2 types of cells, CD-4 and CD-8. Both are either enemy of each other or are helping each other will remain as mystery in spite recent findings from the scientific fraternity. It means modern medicine in spite of all our modern advances in relation to medicine could not defined the exact actions how HIV is destroying the main soldier the CD-4 of immunity. Where as whether CD-8 is controlling its action or is destroying it the CD-4 by considering it as being infected or has become weak to fight against infection. One would consider this as an Auto-Immune Disease of our immune system. In my theory HIV is therefore cleansing the morbid substances i.e. the toxic material from the body which are causing this kind of disturbance in the immune system of a body. It is because I have seen in such kind of patients that by bringing diarrhea and cough and cold, also fever the system trying to eliminate those toxic materials of the body through such exists.

It means to say that such patients who are showing such kind of simple ailments of cough, cold, diarrhea and fever etc. in fact can be saved even after this virus is being found more than its normal range. Which also means HIV is in every person. Its normal limit is from 0 to 20 like ESR, as rising in ESR shows that some cells are not receiving proper oxygen as in TB patients or of cancer. In the same way rising number of HIV in a system indicating that more and more morbid substances are there in the system. And as a last effort nature has provided HIV, as a savior. And, that is the reason my medicine (Virionum) which I have prepared from this HIV only has saved many AIDS patients who were at the dying stages. I would like to share some more details including Parvez Alam's case. Before this I would like to share with you all my friends from facebook that I have injected in my body the HIV of from five AIDS patients. One such was Ms. J. Her story was described by Ms. Rupa Chinai, the reporter from Times of India who published the story of 'J', (Times of India 8th July, 1999).

Here I would like to add one more thing that how I dared to test HIV on my own body not only of one of many whom I successfully treated them first. I took their blood samples after that and tested them on myself, why?!

Here I would like to remind my Guru now Late, Dr. E.G.K. Menon sir who taught me homeopathy with one word and which was; "Mind Creates Body". My Guru Dr. menon treated my wife Dr. Shahida who had Cancer and which was the reason of my conversion where a surgeon recognized homeopathy.

Dr. Menon sir, (may God bless his soul in heaven) said once that 'HIV seems to be a saviour as TB germs are'. And that is why the American's Dr. Kent and Dr. Burnett developed Tuberculinum and Bacillinum as remedy to treat TB. I proved the HIV on myself to prove that it can cure AIDS not is causing AIDS.

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