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The Concomitant which helped in analyzing a case of Ependymoma. Ependymoma is a brain tumour of connective tissues from a membrane ependyma which is lining the roof and floor of the ventricles of the brain. Unfortunately, this kind of the pathology of the brain has become like an epidemical condition. Why?! Whether it is linked to some infections or some vaccines or trauma and injury?! God Knows!!!

However, the case of this Ependymoma was of a 2 years old child who had been operated for this Ependymoma i.e. the tumour of brain around 2 months ago but with relapse of symptoms of the same he was now brought to homeopathy for the treatment. The histopathology of the tumour was round cell growth. The History revealed that in last 2 months the child was operated twice, once for placing the VP shunt while another time for removing the tumour which was finally diagnosed as Ependymoma. As I said Ependymoma is a growth arising from the Ependyma, a membranous layer lining the cerebral ventricles. Through these ventricles brain tissues receive food from the vestibules of the stomach. Vestibules of the stomach are also like small ventricles which are many. This is the connection between the brain and the stomach through the white lymph which also contain the nutrient foods.

In fact, Ependymoma is a malignant growth which means in spite of operating reoccurs again. In this boy the first symptom was a kind of fit which his parents noticed 4 months ago prior to his surgery. Later, he started staggering on walking, and which was the reason for investigating the boy. His MRI of brain revealed Hydrocephalus for which the VP shunt was placed and when the cause of obstruction was detected as Ependymoma it was operated again to excise the growth. But, when the symptoms started appearing again the surgeons were in dilemma that should the child be operated or should be under observation or whether should be treated with chemo therapy and, which was actually the reason the parents ultimately decided to go for Homeopathy.

On Examination, I found the signs of strabism of his left eye which used to turn the eye inside towards the nose. Child's BCG mark was very marked. He was good looking and active too, intelligent also but at that time was looking very tired and exhausted. He was on anti-convalescent drugs suggested by the surgeons who were operated him twice in short spell of 2 months. His histopathological report was of round cell growth. To me, whether it was because of the child had received any injury of his brain or? So, I was kept on asking more and more details about the child that how his sufferings were started. My curiosity was whether the child had ever received any kind of injury on his head since the histopathology was showing the growth of round cells. Round cells are actually connective tissues where the body generates them to overcome from the shock of injury for repairing the wound. So, after the asking so many times, I finally got this very important information that the child was fell down from the cot on which he was sleeping when was around 1 year old after which he cried like a brain cry and then got fainted for some time.

History further revealed that during this period the child was receiving the routine vaccinations too. And there after the first symptom prior to his fits or convulsions was this strabismus only. The strabismus is a shifting of eye ball inertly or outwardly, depending upon the pressure building inside within the brain which may be due to any infection, vaccine or injury. This is what the concomitant, i.e. the signal which is like highlighting the remedy. Now your turn my friends, guess the remedy. Thanks and God Bless you all.

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