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Thiruvananthapuram: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, advised Latin Catholic Archbishop Shri. Soosapakyam to start homeopathic treatment at the earliest.

After the visit to discuss the situation in the Okhi affected areas from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, along with the state government representatives, Prime minister noticed the trembling in the hands of Bishop, an advised to concentrate on the need to focus on health matters.

“You should start treatment without delay. If treated at the initial stage, it will be effective,” he told Soosa Pakiam

Prim Minister told that this may be beginning of Parkinsonism and you will get relief if start homoeopathy treatment ontime.

Earlier, the Prime Minister announced that as soon as the relief packages, and relief operations more efficient heard favorably the needs of the church.

Catholic Archbishop thanked the Prime minster for his advice.

Source : https://m.dailyhunt.in/news/india/malayalam/samakalikamalayalam-epaper-samaka/udan+homiyo+chikithsa+thudanganam+aarch+bishappin+modhiyude+upadhesham-newsid-78463541?ss=wsp&s=dw

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