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For those who would like to use this issue to assemble as much information as possible on the subject of Homeopathy Posology, I have collated the links to access some of the previous articles that appeared in the e-zine treating dose and dilution.
In previous issues our editor, Dr Manish Bhatia, wrote on this subject. You can find the articles by going to the following links:
Another member of the team, Elaine Lewis, wrote an article on dosing remedies for acute situations.
There is a series of very complete articles written by David Little. The technique of potency selection, the use of LM preparations and many other themes are developed. The link will take you to the first article. Under David’s picture there are the links for all the following articles (1 – 9) of the series. This is a very thorough work and we are grateful to have received it from David Little.
And if this was not enough, there is more of David Little’s pen (keyboard) to indulge in. The first part of the following article over differences between Kent and Hahnemann treats some interesting facts on dose and dilution.
Another regular contributor is Rudi Verspoor. I am sure the reader is already acquainted with the quality of his writing. The following link will take you to his participation in the dilution and dose subject.
And last but not least, Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD, presented a groundbreaking idea for arriving at potency in last month’s edition. I hope that our colleagues who run homeopathic pharmacies have read this article and will consider making the new potency series available.
Here are some more resources on homeopathy posology
I wish you much energy in the study of this subject and please let us and the readers find out about your own conclusions in articles you would like to publish on this theme. Write to mail@hpathy.com

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