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Nasopharyngeal Cancer is believed to be caused by Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) it is because it has Onco-genic property, most of such are being inherited. They are lytic in nature, means they eliminated out after getting multiplied from within the body. The first lesion of them is in the skin, usually occurring in the first decade of life and give immunity to the host. CD21 the host cell receptor forms immunity against them. It means that the first 10 years of life is crucial to provide defense against them, but unfortunately in this era these are becoming stronger and stronger day by day, why?

It is because we think them as enemy, and therefore, they are now causing cancers, particularly of Naso-Pharynx. This type of cancer is more common in China, some researchers believe and linked this to nasal drops some to oral and free sex. Use of nasal drops to relieve from nasal congestion is common in China and in India too. Second thing is the antiviral drugs, we have made viruses our enemy by destroying them through our such drugs. One more important factor is the oral sex which is gaining popularity throughout the world. Oral sex is more common in China and in America, also becoming common in India.

Epstein-Barr Viruses are Herpes Simplex Viruses which commonly occurring on the skin particularly at the corner of mouth and genitals. In India such kind of infection was considered as “Makdi Moot” (touched from Cob Web's urine) and for which people used to apply 'Till Oil' (sesame oil) and which used to destroy them. Now this practise is not commonly practising in India on the contrary some anti-viral cream has replaced this simple therapy. The outcome is what we see now in the form of naso-pharyngeal cancers. Recurrent attacks of cough and cold if treated with our symptomatic drugs is one more important factor in giving such kind of cancers by confusing the immune system. Mono-nuecleal cells are important in fighting such viruses but because of these symptomatic medications such as for cough and cold and allergy make these cells also confused. So what shall we do in order to protect from nasopharyngeal cancers? Shall we ban all such kind of drugs! The answer is !? Allow to suffer will be the best way with such kind of allergic cold to form immunity.

However, here I would like to share a case related to this disease. This is the case of Iftikhar Shaikh whom allopathy declared incurable but homeopathy cured him successfully. Iftikhar was operated thrice, but relapse occurred in spite of post-operative radiation. Radiation therapy was given to him after the 3rd operation.

He came to us with CT SCAN from Hinduja Hospital dated 22.11.1996. Lastly he was seen by an expert, at the Dept. Of Neurosurgery, K.E.M. Hospital of Mumbai, whose findings were: Dated 29.1.1996; “This patient has now come with orbital pain and IIIrd nerve paresis. There is no past SCAN prior to the new SCAN which could have provided information as to whether this is a residual/recurrent tumour. We also do not have clear information about the history of the lesion. The x-ray note had mentioned that it was a Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and the discharge note of Dr. Ogale unit had mentioned it as an Angiofibroma.”

Dr. Ogale asked for Dr. Goel's opinion; Dated 12.12.1998 (same Hospital) Dr. Goel's opinion – “The tumour had deeply infiltrated the cavernous sinus. It would be worth observing him on analgesics, patient having already received radiotherapy, it would be risky operating on such tumour.”

This documented case is from my book 'Homo-Immunization'. In this case the history was that four years ago he had epistaxis for which he operated and found to be a case of angiofibroma but the tumour reappeared again. After which second surgery was performed, during this time he bleeded profusely and was given blood transfusion. Third time surgery was again carried out in the year 1996, first was in the year 1992.

In this case the detailed history was that the boy used to get severe headache with blurred vision and diplopia, when he was 10 years old he had a blunt injury on his nose by an iron rod. He was also used to get frequent cold and cough during his childhood. This case which was declared unfit for any kind of treatment from the experts was cured with homeopathy. The remedy was Conium, the clue for selection of his remedy was analogical. And that is repeated surgeries of gland interpret as injuries. See the Kent Repertory, Page 1369 (New Edition). There after he was prescribed Calcarea Carb on the lines of his constitution. Maul Halib (Nosode I) had helped in training his immune system.

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