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My dear friends,
Can you believe that the suppression of diarrhoea in a wrong way by anti-diarrhoeal approach can be so harmful that would reflect on peritoneal lymph nodes and the repeated biopsy of such nodes may also resulting into a Sarcoma or Neuroblastoma. Biopsy is causing injury to the nerve cells which gives severe painful conditions and complications like Neuroblastoma. Suppression of a diarrhoea by anti-diarrhoeal drugs of allopathy may cause cancer in Bruton-type immunity children. There is one very popular allopathic drug which also being sold over the counter is Lomotil. The action of lomotil (Diphenoxylate) is to stop diarrhetic stools by blocking the peristaltic movements of intestine. While Bruton-type immuno-deficiency in some children is may be because of the Typhoid vaccine which their mothers have received in their childhood.

Bruton-type immunity is a kind of defective immune mechanism of a suppressed type, due to an x-linked recessive factor, (“Medical Immunology”, Teviot Scientific Publication, Edinburgh, UK, 1979). In short, a child with this may become the victim to any viral fever, whether to SARS or ARDS. ARDS like symptoms are because of Influenza virus, whether of the molecule of Swine flu or of Bird flu. Which means, as long as Typhoid used to be expressing its characteristic rose spots, Moti Jhira, as said by Hakeems (Indian physicians of Medieval India), rose spots are like pearl. (Moti in India means pearl). According to Hakeems if a child would bring out such eruptions would become resist to typhoid. This is a Bruton-type of immunity in which many such children anatomically become resist against various kind of TB related ailments and particularly TB of intestines or TB like enteric conditions who undergo to the natural process of Typhoid Fever. One could be suffered with lymphomas or sarcomas with lacking this type of immunity. Because! Today we don't get this type of Typhoid. On the contrary what we get is Typhoid positive, that too with the history of only two to four days fever instead of having minimum 10 days. This is because of modern technology and not because of the natural phenomena in immunity forming way. In a natural way at least 10 days are required to get antibody in a patient of Typhoid.

However, how suppressed diarrhoea can cause cancer in a Bruton Type immune child? Kabiruddin with reference to Allama Azimuddin writes in his book “Kulliyaat-e- Mualijaat” (in Arabic) that diarrhoea, cholera like purging. In such conditions where any kind of non self pathogen if ingested through contaminated diet or by contact from the infected patient the bodies lymphatic defence (lymphoidic defence in white blood cells defence) will purge them out through stools by bringing them into the colon, if such kind of stools are being suppressed then humoral response of the body (Damvi-khilth) (Psora in Homeopathy) will come into the action by bringing fever. This is how fever helps in building immunity of a child in the first place.

Modern medical science finds that most of the antibodies are from Gamma globulins made by plasma cells and the plasma cells come into the action in fever only, which also means that our conventional medicines to stop fevers or diarrhoea are unscientific because are interfering in this process of natural defence of the body's mechanism of immune system. In the sense by getting a Typhoid test positive in just two, three days fever is wrong. This technological test might be showing a positive report to its reactivation and not to the recent affection. A true doctor must rely on symptomatology of Typhoid, fever rather than technological defining test reports. It is because, which is common, during climatic changes viral fevers come. In such conditions old problems reactivate, which may be Typhoid or TB.

May God bless our children, most of which are of having Bruton Type immune deficiency factors and which they have been inherited in them from their parents, those who have been protected against Typhoid through vaccine of typhoid lacking this natural defence.

Ten years ago in Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy & Research, was conducted to identify this kind of immunity in such children. The method was examination of BCG Mark. It is because, in India BCG inoculation is hundred percent and that too since last 30 years it was inoculating just at the time of birth. Though earlier this was mandatory at 8 to 9 months of age. In our study, in the children who have been inoculated just at the time of birth three sets of children have been noticed. One third were having real scar, one third were showing just white spot and or white scratch, while one third were having no mark, spot or scar, at all. And these were those who have been either died early because of some viral infections or were having mysterious kind of illnesses, most of which were tumour like, angioma, blastoma, fibroma, meningioma, lymphoma, sarcoma, hey line tumors, etc. etc. During treatment we found many such while got cured brought the BCG mark out and formed it. There were few who even formed this at the age of 10 to 12 years of their age. Some formed this during the treatment as their disease condition were started improving they started bringing out the BCG mark. And which is really a proof of their having Bruton Type of Immunity deficiency x-link. This x-link is, the natural principle and that is “One has to die to live”. Means, getting immunity by immunization against any is short live while after getting suffered to that will help in developing the immunity lifelong. And, this is how a mother would transmit that to her child via vertical transmission. However I will discuss the immunity in a separate post. Here the case of Abdul Razzaque.

This child of 4, 5 year fell once while riding on cycle. He used to complain pain in abdomen very off and on. In between was also getting diarrhetic stools and for which his mother used to give him Lomotil. It is because during early childhood this boy was suffering with a serious kind of diarrhoea and which was controlled by this Lomotil. And, this is how his mother has learned that Lomotil is a medicine for the diarrhoea. One day Razzaque while returning from his school started getting a very violent kind of abdominal pain and for which then investigated. After which, his reports revealed that the boy was having a glandular nodule like swelling in his abdomen inside peritoneum and for which was further investigated. After the biopsy his condition became more serious and therefore was shifted to a teaching hospital (JJ Hospital). There he further underwent for more biopsy procedures through keyhole surgery to evaluate the exact nature of that nodular growth which was enhancing. And this has reflected to peritoneal infection and his condition became miserable.

At this stage the doctors of the hospital asked the parents for prayers and which was the reason while the child was in the hospital parents had consulted us. After seeing his video clips the way child was expressing his pains of abdomen we suggested the remedy for the child and which helped him, after which the child came out of the hospital in healthy state. At this stage, the hospital doctors did not acknowledged that the child was being improved by homeopathy. On the contrary they asked the father to take him to the cancer hospital since the growing tumor inside his abdomen would obstruct the function of his kidney and, for which the proper treatment is very – very essential. And, this is how the child's story of miseries has begun. There in the cancer hospital he underwent biopsy examination again and after which his tumor was labelled as Neuroblastoma. See my earlier post and pictures to know the whole story. The tumour which was inside his abdomen at retro-peritoneal region was entered inside his liver also.

In this case the swollen nodule was a lymph gland of the peritoneum and which was probably because of the suppression of diarrhoea again and again, and the repeated biopsy made the lesion infected and also by damaging the nerves child developed more complex form of that growth in form of neuroblastoma. Such blastomas are infectious in nature and they use to blast like a bomb and there is no treatment in our conventional system but homeopathy can treat even such more complex form of pathology if the people have full faith in this pathy. Razzaque's father was confused and because of this the child was shunting from here to there and finally succumb to his illness. There are many such cases like this and I will share in my next post.

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