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The discharges from the body, most of the time is in a natural way, in fact helping in elimination of morbid substances. Today's modern immunological science explains them in terms of the end products of antigen and antibody like a waste comes after the clash between missile and anti-missile. Earlier physicians of India have described this basic defence of the body in terms of panchkarma. Some modern researches also proving that antibiotics if are being used to destroy germs and if the waste of that as a result of this war between germs and anti-germs medicines are not being allowed to discharge outwardly from within the body, the new sets of problems are going to be emerged and which are happening commonly in this era because of the treatment patterns 'Drug to a Disease'. Most of the diseases are not natural they are because of the physicians and medicines of this era. MDR TB is one example, HIV and AIDS are other.

This could be incredible proof but it is to prove that how TB germs are helping in resolving tumors. Toxins released from the dead TB bacilli due to killing of them with anti-TB drugs, causing more deeply seated problems. At times these are mysterious too. However here is Sufiyan who was having recurrent granulomatous soft tissue tumors and was diagnosed as HIV related cancers. Initially was treated as TB gland and operated for the glands but since they were recurrent, recurrent surgery was being carried out for sometimes. But this extra intelligent person when saw how the surgeons are doing the surgery on him he started copying it on himself to save money. As a result this poor chap developed AIDS and later multi drug resistant TB because of all this.

He came to me when his conditions became complicated and was declared by experts unfit to be treated by all stand points. He got cured completely with Homeopathy in 2-3 years. He visited recently with a complaint that the milky like secretion comes from the healed scars by his physical movements particularly when doing some hard work. The Case and treatment details of this case is already shared in my earlier post, the link is given below.

Here as per his description if one tests his milky secretions one will certainly find the TB germs in that. Germs are helping in resolving tumors and also are helping making a resistant Tb case into drug sensitive. This case also teaches us that what certain naturopaths and immunologists are defining that fungus i.e. certain molecules like tinea circinata if become parasite to a host helps in building the Type - 2 Resistance to fight against TB. It is because a person with a TB constitution releases morbid substances on the dermis to which the fungus get attracted because it rely on those morbid substances. And, this is how in this way the defence of the host will come into the contact and building the resistance to fight with them. Yet one more interesting point to be noted is that TB germs are also fungus. Here, the use of morbid substances as medicine in nosode form if used homeopathically treats such kind of ailments. And, this is my 'Theory of Homo-Immunization' i.e. 'Homo-Panchkarma', about which I will discuss in my next post.

In this case, because of the recurrent surgery in his left axillary region due to repeated trauma of the tissues he started developing tumor of connective tissues and a sarcomatous like growth was started emerging from that region and which was very bad looking, was black in colour and with very – very dirty look. Later on, he started getting same kind of tumors which were metastatic and were appearing over his right side of the neck and face. When he was treated with us the tumors which have appeared in later phases were cured earlier, then the original one also started getting cleared gradually. In addition to this he also developed a very badly tinea infestation over his abdomen and to which we were assuring him that it will be disappeared slowly - slowly because it has come to help you.

Yet one more thing is that if such kind of infections are being treated through anti-pathic approach of allopathy are going to cause susceptibility towards TB, cancer and AIDS. The earlier physicians (Hakeems) used to call Fasid Madde (Morbid Substances). Such kind of black pigmented lesions are because of these morbid substances if not treated carefully they may cause gangrenous like conditions or tumor like and also toxic ailments etc. According to those physicians the defence system of the body helps them in elimination from within the body through 5 natural areas 1) Oral, 2) Anal 3) Aural, 4) Nasal and 5) Dermal, so one should not stop the discharges which are most of the time natural. For more details, wait for my next post. The link of the post about Sufiyan case is given below…

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