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Cancers are the stray behaviors of a cell means one cell if got strayed it can bring the havoc and can cause a condition which cannot be treated by any therapy which is existing in this era, whether it is Allopathy, Homeopathy or Unani and Ayurveda etc. Though some of the patients have been cured by the alternative approach like Homeopathy or Naturopathy but such kind of cure have never been considered as a cure. It is easy to say that if the sufferer is carrying a normal life after defeating cancer will just consider as assumption, and that's all. However, in spite of advanced knowledge of medicine cancer is still considered a topic to be researched. Every now and then it has been reported by media that today's modern medicine has discovered some or other way and remedies which can treat the cancer in future. The experts of cancer considered it as cure if the patient is surviving for around 5 years after being treated as early surgery, radiation and or chemo.
Now, as far as the mouth cancers are being concerned the general understanding is, their causes are tobacco chewing and Cigarette, Bidi smoking. Since, Cancers in situ in mouth is arising locally in form of epithelioma in which histopathology is revealing them as squamous cell carcinoma. Epithelial layer is the inner part inside the mouth as well as also of the skin, while epithelioma is a malignant growth arising in the epithelial tissue. Tobacco chewing injury, radiation or smoking or due to any other irritation causes epithelial cells weak which inside the mouth or of buckle cavity initially turns into either silvery grey or by forming macular erythematous swelling of epithelium which often turned into a growth naming epithelioma. Earlier which was believed that such kind of growths which are due to a carcinogenic factor whether which comes from the sun or any other irritating factor like tobacco or radiation etc. But, now as per the latest findings modern medical science has discovered that there are some Oncogenic viruses which are responsible for such types of cancers.
The history of virus begins from the tobacco leaf, first found by a Russian Scientist Dmitry Ivanovsky in 1892. While today, modern microbiology is defining viruses are in two main forms. One which sought (means move), another which doesn't. One which sought is usually gram positive, another which does not is gram negative, though exceptions are there. Action wise they are either lymphotropic or neurotropic. Some are like HIV having both qualities; lympho and neuro. They are also known as oncogenic viruses since they can tamper genes. Genes are also responsible for the changing behaviour and morale.
Modern researches have also revealed that germs are attracting towards dead cells while viruses are living inside the weak cells. Since they cannot produce their food through photosynthesis thus are remained as parasites lying within the cells of a host. Such viruses are having the molecules of RNA positive or negative. They are totally dependent upon their host and get the DNA information from the genes of a host for their multiplications and in this way they form growth or a mass which we can see through our sonography or MRI or CT-scan etc or which can also be visible on the surface on the epithelial. Some viruses do have their own DNA to multiply themselves but they need a host for that too. This is how viruses need us for their own evolution and multiplication but a virus cannot attack a healthy cell. They can only attack weak cells whether which may be due to smoking or any other chemical bombardment or also because of excessive use of antibiotics or pain killer medicines which make the cells weak and also the whole system. In this context, emotions, feelings, depressions and any kind of torture whether mentally or physically are taking part to make the system weak and where the person finds some pleasure in the smoking or drinking and also drug abusing etc. HIV the human immunity deficiency virus is one such example which can also enter within the system in such circumstances.
My own clinical observation is that some germs, particularly of TB and Typhoid, the dead particles of them release molecules and which can cause more deep pathology like HIV. And this is how we see in all Drug Resistant Tuberculosis and also in Drug Resistant Typhoid. There are many young individuals who have been treated for such conditions finally got affected with HIV.
However, the fact is germs can be killed by antibiotics but virus cannot. Therefore the need was chemotherapy in form of broad spectrum poisonous chemicals and which has resulted into more and more deeply seated infections and mysterious diseases. So today in this context with deep knowledge of our medical science we are still as ignorant as our ancestors and predecessors were in olden days. If germs are being destroyed by antibiotics these dead germs would release toxins and molecules and which are viruses.
This was needed to have anti-viral drugs but by destroying the viruses their molecules are causing oncogenesis means by entering inside the genome of a person and are causing damage to its DNA material. In the sense, this is our medical knowhow which is ultimately the cause of causing Cancers, AIDS or Multi Drug Resistant TB then why to blame tobacco alone. Our symptomatic medicines apart from all antibiotics; and anti-viral drugs including anti-histamins, anti inflammatory and anti pain, anti allergic and anti what not are also responsible as if tobacco is causing mouth cancers or nasopharyngeal tumours directly they are causing indirectly with providing the soil to grow cancer cells by weakening the system. So say good bye to our modern conventional system which can only treat dis-ease and causing diseases one such is certainly mouth cancer. I have seen in very recent days some pharmaceutical companies have come up with their new products as topical use in ointment form which contain local anaesthesia in form of lignocaine to give relief from pains along with antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs. To me this is befooling of our own self and immune system. It is because mind acts on the feedback mechanism. I hope our Government, health authorities and the officials of WHO will take a note of this. This is very serious issue. To me this is the sole cause of rising incidences of mouth cancers, not the tobacco smoking or its chewing alone.

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