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Autism is self thinking, (an extreme form of brain or un-centred mind usually in males seen), now a days in epidemic, is a mysterious disease linked to some genes. Day by day the cases of this are increasing in number and in more mysterious forms. Such children though not eat much or sometime don't eat at all but remained hyperactive, don't give attention to their parents, don't hear to them either. Do not make eye contact, behave in bizarre ways, laughs and giggles inappropriately. Prefer sameness going the familiar route, talk incessantly about one topic. Remained indifferent, unable to learn even after punishment. Only thing which can be soothing to them or would attract them is music. By listening to a rhythmic song they would dance.
Modern nomenclature to this mysterious condition is ADHD Syndrome, also sometimes termed as ADHD kids, means; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Dyslexia or dyslexic kids. Some researchers of the West and some immunologists blame certain vaccine to this but why more common in male is or would be yet more mysterious.
The orthodox medical schools linked this to genes, according to them this has no known treatment. Modern medical researchers find the cause of this disorder in an enzyme Acetycholinesterose inhibitors claiming the treatment to such condition. According to them the fault is lying in the brain as a bipolar disorder. They say it is a behavioural problems associated with Alzheimer's disease Schizophrenia and to sleep disorders due to vitamin E deficiency or oestrogen disorder. Such children either don't sleep at all or sleep inadequately. This condition is more clearly seen in the boys than the girls.
However, such children are not mental or stupid rather are more intelligent, more honest but depressed having no love for the worldly things except music. Dyslexia, more than 100 years ago, in the year 1896, was first described by French physician Pringle Morgan in his published book about a boy of 14 who could not spell the spelling of his name. His name was Percy but he used to write Precy until his attention was called to it more than once. Yet the school master who taught him for some years says that he was the smartest boy in the school. God knows this disease was not seen in India until the late decades of 20th century.
Now since last few decades it has been more common as it is in USA. Lancet the reputed journal of England once published an article which linked this to a vaccine MMR according to some researchers. To which WHO has also taken the notice. MMR, the Mumps, Measles, Rubella Vaccine known to prevent these conditions can give rise to such mysterious disease? If yes then how! Mumps, measles and rubella were common in India until the year 1970 or so. In my clinical experience which is now around fifty years or so to those ailments people don't use to see any physician rather used to stuck to some religion's rituals such as a Molvi (the teacher of basic Quranic studies) used to write some ayat of Quran in a Pipal's tree leaf and which used to be dipped in water and that water was believed to be the remedy for children who were suffering with Mumps. In the same way measles and rubella were not treated with medicine since Rubella (Chhoti Mata) was considered as a surge (infection) because of the displeasaure of Mata (Devi or Deity) and to which some religious rituals were considered as a remedy to that to please Mata. According to some modern Immunologists mumps, measles and rubella if occurring in early childhood help in building the natural immunity of a child while an immunity if acquired through a vaccine is not long lasting they may protect the child for some period and that's all. I also see the truth in this.
Today though the vaccines are the main need to protect the child but in the society people do not have patience so are most of the doctors. After the inoculation of a vaccine to the child if it develops some symptoms of some things will treat the child symptomatically and not allowing them to settle naturally. Immunity against all such can only be produced if the child would suffer a while for some constitutional ups and downs only and for which if we don't have patience then? Yes indeed then it would take a sub-acute form and which will be more dangerous, at times, than the complications of that disease itself.
In a normal healthy child if being infected by mumps virus he or she would suffer from some days and then would be recovered of its own. The virus would leave from within the body after multiplying themselves in a natural way. Same is with measles and rubella also. It means allow the child to suffer for some time in order to develop immunity against them and also against those which are similar to them. On the contrary a vaccine cannot provide all such or if providing our efforts to make the child from dis-ease to ease in fact hampers from all the beneficial effects which a vaccine can provide to that vaccinated child.
MMR vaccine contains live virus so is the BCG and OPV. It is also because our govt's sincere efforts to protect our children, most of the time don't come to the expected desire. Today we see the measles virus in the brain of an inoculated child and TB germs in a vaccinated child. In most of the children TB reactivates, most of young boys and girls mumps and rubella (chicken pox) in adolescence and young age. Why? Above all how a vaccine can cause a condition like autism in a growing child or causing dyslexic like conditions, not only to some but to many like an epidemic. What is the cause, dyslexia or autism like conditions if are being linked to genes then the question is what is causing such kind of conditions where the certain genes are being tampered which care resulting to this kind of abnormal behaviour in a human child.
Live vaccines which contain live i.e. alive virus though in attenuated form harbor inside within the body if the immune system does not, after identifying, throw them out from within the body through normal discharges like from sweats after building fever, from cough and cold, diarrhea, stool and vomits or from the surface. But if they left remained in the body they harbor inside and may also mutate particularly during the crises. Most of such vaccine virus or RNA virus don't have their own DNA to multiply so they use the DNA of the host to this purpose. DNA is lying in the genome and this is how the genes of a host can be tampered. So whom to blame, certainly to us only. To me this is our ailing orthodox medical system which is responsible not the vaccine alone.
Certain germs and virus are our friends not foe. here is some photos of one such child which we treated on the principle of like or similia through Tuberculinum of Kent, the potentized TB germ, the guiding symptoms were Hyperactivity with attention but inability to learn, was a dyslexic but intelligent child.

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