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Vaccine has been derived from the word Vacca, meaning cow, while immunity is a Greek word meaning that the person exempted from all the taxes. In olden Greece such persons were also known as Immunantus. This is because a person once suffered with any communicable disease developed lifelong immunity against that. In modern medical nomenclature we know this as innate immunity which means a child which receives from its mother through her milk. But, an immunity receiving through a vaccine is always has a shorter life.
Now, imagine how many mothers of today are carrying such innate immunity who has been vaccinated in their childhood. Plus one more thing, these days more or less every labor is being conducted in the hospitals and which means in such scenario most of them do have stress factors while delivering their babies. And, if such babies are being vaccinated just at the time of birth, receiving not only one but 3 vaccines at a time, do you think such infants are carrying genetic information in them, how to fight against those pathogens of the vaccines. And to me, which is the main reason why most of the children who are being born prematurely develop a complication like Hydrocephalus. Some live viruses which are being administered orally through the lymph they can travel from the intestine of a child to the brain through the fluid which is being needed for a child to his brain.
Certain researchers if are raising such points that a child should be vaccinated at least by the age of 3 months since the child is receiving immunity from its mother through her milk, to me, they are not wrong. Yet one more thing that 3 live vaccines at a time that too at the time of birth how far logically justified. After all vaccine is not a piece of candy. A child up to 3 months doesn't even need a tonic or syrup. For him or her everything is the milk of its mother only.
Vaccination is making the healthy child temporarily sick to develop resistance against that disease and that time the child doesn't need any treatment. But, in case if a child is not carrying genetic information from their mother then how their immune system is going to react against those which have been imposed upon them. In our study we have found that one third children of this era are not showing BCG scar, some though show a scratch or a spot at the site of injections, some show a huge scar particularly in those where the history of TB was in their family. Which also means that the child's immune system was recognizing that pathogen as its enemy and therefore reacted to that vigorously and by that also got exhausted its vigor and strength. While those, who were not showing any mark developed complications during a short spell of some simple diseases through which a normal immune child comes out easily after suffering with that.
Those who were showing a scratch or a white spot suffered through out their life with different kind of allergies and TB like affections. In nut shell allergy is the mother of HIV and HIV is the birth of this modern era only. Though is being linked to certain monkeys then there are certain vaccines which are also linked to that particular monkey. Immunization of a child is the job of a doctor not of a compounder, clerk-peon or of a lay person. Whether it is allopathy or homeopathy, a complete knowledge about vaccines and vaccination is important since it is a question of a life of a newborn.
Now, immunizing a child through homeopathic way, some old homeopaths suggested a dose of sulphur at the time of birth for a psoric child, a dose of Syphilinum for a syphilitic child and a dose of Thuja for a sycotic child. There after no new research has been made though new miasmatic conditions have been flourishing. One such is HIV, another is cancer. Though earlier homeopaths have certainly speculated such possible miasmatic conditions in terms of pseudo psora, pseudo syphilis and pseudo sycosis. Today, we are seeing them in form of HIV and virus related cancers. Not cancers alone, we have multi drug resistant bugs etc. etc. Hence therefore, if the miasmatic conditions are changing we will have to follow the rules and laws of evolution also and then we will certainly come to as per the law of similia. I have tried to follow this law and found my theory 'Homo-immunization' which may fulfill the present need to protect our younger generation against Drug Resistant TB, HIV/ AIDS and Cancers which are now in epidemic form.

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