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One of the Cases That Moved Me – Alan V. Schmukler
Feedback from March 2017 issue– Hpathy.com
Homeopath in the Hot Seat
 –INTERVIEW April 2017 Misha Norland – Vatsala Sperling
Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas
Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOL 2 by Dr. BhatiaAVAILABLE NOW!
Cases and Articles  – Western College of Homoeopathic Medicine 
 –“My Face is Being Blown Off” A Case of Fumaria Officinalis– Linda G Miller
A Case of Sequoia Using Sensation Method– Donna Powers
–Railway Spine-Lindsey Pascoe
Peganum harmala – The Syrian Rue– Roland Guenther
Trituration – A Journey of Self Discovery– Richa Bhatia
Western College of Homeopathic Medicine: The New Kid on the Block –  Linda G Miller
New Papers
The Cause of All Diseases– C. V Boenninghausen
Does The Vital Force Ever Make Mistakes? Homeopathic Facial Analysis– Louise Barton
Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Misled Scientists and the Public Over Homeopathy– Homeopathy Research Institute
Remedy For The Lost Travelers A short story by Vatsala Sperling– Vatsala Sperling
 –The Soul of Remedies: Chocolate– Rajan Sankaran
Some Proving Symptoms of Salix Fragilis / Crack Willow– Marisa Laguna
Suppression or Retention of Urine– Erastus Edgerton Marcy
The Mineral Kingdom: Exploring the First and Second Row– Dinesh Chauhan
Professor George Vithoulkas and his Compass– Dhiman Roy
The Functional Nature of a Healing Reaction– Allyson McQuinn
Welwitschia mirabilis – Tweeblaarkanniedood – Duality and Transformation– Marijke Creveld
Serpent Mythology and Oxytocin; Psora Unmasked– Patricia Hatherly
A Case of Plumbum According to Masi’s Concepts– Simone Fayeton
 –April 2017 Tips & Secrets– Alan V. Schmukler
 –Sarsaparilla– Bhanu Sharma
Tidbits 45: Homeopathic Remedies For Coughs– Elaine Lewis
Clinic Cases
– A Case of Kanner Syndrome (Autism)– Saideh Kerscher
 –Damaged Right Kidney Recovered by Homeopathic Treatment– Azizur Rahman
Can Autism Be Treated Successfully With Homoeopathic Medicine?– Ann Fallows
 –Surgical Cases Versus Homoeopathy Atrial and Ventricular Septal Defect- Vinit Monga
 –Homeopathy In “Behavioural Disorders”: Jacob’s Case – 1st Installment– Daniela Karsten
 –An Approach to a Case of Haematuria– Ashim Kumar Das
 –The Thuja That Was Truly A Phosphorus– Ingefleur Spreij
A Monster Has Taken My Mummy– Keith Avedissian
 –A Relapsing Case of Alopecia Areata– Muhammad Afzal
My Experience in a Case of Lumbar Spondylosis with Homoeopathy: Evidence Based Case Study– Seema Rai
 –A Case of Chronic Recto-Vaginal Fistula– Ranjini Venkatanathan
 –A Case of Itching Skin and Knee Pain– Neha Breja
 –Genetic Simillimum: A Case of Heloma Durum– Nisanth Nambisan
Book Reviews
Veterinary Homeopathy
Crossword April 2017– Alan V. Schmukler
Solve the Case Quiz
“Hurt So Bad” (Homeopathy Cures Really Bad Headache!)– Elaine Lewis
Revisiting: Child Has Scary Virus, Hears Voices!– Elaine Lewis
Cartoons !
Get well soon !– Alan V. Schmukler
Plant Doctor – April 2017 Radko Tichavsky– Radko Tichavsky
A Clinical Prospective Study on the Efficacy of Homeopathic Remedies, Chosen with Kent’s Repertory, in the Management of Low Back Pain– Purendu Ash
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