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'600 babies face HIV drug shortage'….this was a headline of DNA, Mumbai, dated March 10th, 2017 which says Cipla, the pharmaceutical company stopped manufacturing this drug in syrup form. As Cipla told to National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) that they have not received the payment so far therefore they stopped supplying the drug, named Lopinavir. This drug may be the research product of Cipla Laboratories, an important drug in treating AIDS includes as ART (Anti Retro Viral Therapy).
The basic source of this is AZT group and its derivatives. AZT (Azidothymidine) though causes damaging affect to liver, kidneys and bone marrow as side effects finally leading into severe Immuno-suppression due to anemia and leucopenia even then will be continued to be as for controlling AIDS. Therefore, the parents of these 600 babies hope that if the government will pay the dues to the pharmacy they will be getting the drug for their babies suffering with HIV infection.
The base of this drug was extracted from the sperms of a Canandian fish – Hering, found in the North of Atlantic Ocean. In natural form its brine was used traditionally for the rheumatic pains and general weakness etc. As in India, in traditional Unani system fish sperms have been recommended for men's vigor and sexual power. In fact, this drug has been found as some useful in Leukemias and Malignancies apart from its action on HIV as preventing its growth which means it stops the multiplication of AIDS virus.
However, according to my findings, in patients with HIV infections, more the number of viruses more will be the chances of recovery. Above all, the babies with HIV infection use to suffer with some or other infections with recurrences again and again since after their birth.
Homeopathy named such babies as syphilitic miasmatic babies and a single dose of Syphilinum remedy prepared as per the Nosode science may cure these babies completely, but the baby will be remained as HIV positive with positive health. In this regard I had a discussion with Dr. Leanna J. Standish of Bastyr University, USA somewhere in the year 1997. Dr. Lenna was a chief investigator of AIDS those days. In my cured AIDS cases, out of 6 parameters 5 were matching with their standard but one was just opposite, and which was the viral count, more were the viruses more were also the defender cells. The details are given in my book 'Myths and Reality about AIDS'. This is my humble suggestion in order to treat such babies Homeopathic prevention should be considered rather than spending crores and crores of rupees that too as preventive not curative.

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