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The rich January 2017 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone – WORLD’S most popular homeopathy journal!
Being Patient Centered is Part of the Job– Alan V. Schmukler
 Feedback from December 2016– Hpathy.com
Homeopath in the Hot Seat
Cilla Whatcott Interview– Brenda Goldstein
Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas
Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOL 2 by Dr. BhatiaAVAILABLE NOW!
New Papers
Tidbits 42: Repertory Round-up, Part-2– Elaine Lewis
How to Choose a Single Deep Acting Remedy Using Homeopathic Facial Analysis– Louise Barton
Death – The Final Frontier– Declan Hammond
My Son the Homeopath!– Francis Treuherz
A Role for Homeopathy in Urinary Tract Infection– Robert Medhurst
A Case Quiz from Dr. Amarsinha Nikam– Amarsinha Nikam
Importance of Detailed Inquiry – Finding the Uncommon-Rajan Sankaran
What Plagues Homeopathy in Bangladesh?– Salma Afroz
An Understanding of Compound Remedies: Calc-Sil, Nat-Ars, Kali-Ars-Rajan Sankaran
A Brief Study of Carcinosin Development from the Expectation of Others– Sanjay Jadhav
The Soul of Remedies: China officinalis– Rajan Sankaran
Natrium carbonicum (Sodium carbonate)– Bhanu Sharma
January 2017 Tips & Secrets– Alan V. Schmukler
From the Clinic
A Case of Fibroid in a Woman of 55– Girish Gupta
A Case of Steroid Dependent Mesangial Proliferative Glomerulus Nephritis– Kamal Jalodia
Inter-Personal Resonance: How Mother and Child Can Share a Remedy State– Judith Acosta
Sudden Episodes of Drowsiness in a Boy of 8 Years– Rupal Anandpara
Case of a Fearful Child– Cynthia Kingsbury
An Experience with Potentised Homoeopathic Remedy DPT in a Child Suspected with CMPA– Gyandas Wadhwani
A Case of Vaccine Induced Illness in a Girl of 15– Sohani Gonzalez
– A Case of Chronic Otitis Media– Atul Rajgurav
A Seven Year Old Boy with Behavior Issues Hey! Look at me mama… always– Dr.Rekha Karnam Srinivasan
The Case of “What Makes Sammy Run”– Deborah Walters
Chronic Gastric Issues and Hypertension– Nidhi Pandya
Homeopathy and Herbals for Support in Cancer Treatment– Gudny Osk Didriksdottir
A Case of Acute Pancreatitis– Dr.Jitesh Sharma
Nocturnal Enuresis in a Ten Year Old Girl– Parth Aphale
Autism, Oppositional Behavior and Learning Disability Treated Through CEASE Therapy– Maria Helena Rossi
A Case of Acute Appendicitis– S. Arul Manickam
Book Reviews
Narayani Remedies by Nimisha Parekh – Reviewed by Rochelle Marsden– Rochelle Marsden
Veterinary Homeopathy
Clinical Case: Brain tumor in Canine– María Carolina González Gómez
Canine Aggression – Two Cases– Wendy Jensen
– Crossword January 2017– Alan V. Schmukler
Protecting Whom?– Alan V. Schmukler
Solve the Case Quiz
– New Years Eve Party Crashes!– Elaine and Shana Lewis
Revisiting: 4 Day Migraine–Homeopathy To The Rescue!– Elaine Lewis
The Plant Doctor – January 2017 – Radko Tichavsky-Radko Tichavsky
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