Dengue Flu and Influenza flu (Swine or Bird) both have similar symptoms but the mystery between the two is as winter starts dengue flu vanishes away and surprisingly as the summer starts swine or bird flu (influenza) also die. One has alpha group of viruses other has beta group. In short, these viruses are having their own DNA through which they multiply within the host and leave. Which are carrying these viruses may be human or animals like monkey, ducks, horse or mare etc. May be mosquito or chickens etc.

In fact these viruses need host for their own evolution so after getting multiplied they leave the host i.e. man or monkey or chickens even swine etc. Old allopaths (the Greek physicians or Parsian Arab doctors) knew these as microzymas or exanthemas while in India it was already known as MATA KE BUKHAR (the fever induced by godess) which in fact were polluting due to some x,y,z factor but were known as MATA KE BUKHAR. And that was the reason people were not taking any medicine to interfere this. It is therefore in ancient India people were hardly anxious about treating fevers. And that was the bliss. Fever helps in building resistance to fight against the cause of fever. Unfortunately people of this era consider fever as a greatest enemy and start treating fever by those drugs which are known as drug to a disease. for example Paracetamol or Metacin, Crocin are the known even to a kid.

However, disease must be treated as disease not as dis-ease. Viruses in fact are helping to fight against the environmental situations whatever for they come to us. Homeopathy knows symptomatology of Dengue flu and or swine flu which are more or less same. Therefore a remedy for such condition will be based on the totality of the symptoms alone. Mosquito, Swine or chicken are just vectors which are communicating to human through the environment conditions. The actual culprit is the air which brings these molecules to our surroundings. Now the direction of air has changed so don't worry about dengue in India but the swine flue may come again not in India, this time may be coming to the USA. May be in different name.

The art of treating such fevers are lying behind the fore sightedness of the king from Spain. He discovered a tea like leaves in Homeopathy which is known after his name. His name was King Eupator. The name of homeopathic remedy is Eupotorium Perfolatum. For details if you want to know more please refer my book 'Ek Molicule ka Atank' (Hindi) and The Post Mortem of Bird Flu (English).

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