Try to believe it, the Homeopathy, about which in USA recently this slogan was pasted on the bottles of Homeopathic drugs, mentioning that 'It has no effect', as in India, in every Pan-Beedi Shop we can see the posters with the message that 'Tobacco is Dangerous to Health'. However, my intention in sharing a post with the title 'Try Homeopathy' was in fact for the notification to the W.H.O. and to our health agencies of India since lot of deaths are being observed in the country during infantile age group where the common cause being identified as Diarrhoea and Pneumonia, where the clinical experience shows that these were those children who received all mandatory vaccines in time. After which, most of the infants developed Diarrhoea as towards defence of the self against non-self. But, when this Diarrhoea was treated by orthodox physicians most of the children developed Pneumonia. Diarrhoea is not dangerous Pneumonia is, but both help in building the resistance against TB and Typhoid if allowed to complete their normal course i.e. the action of defence.

Diarrhoea also helps in building Type-1 Resistance against those pathogens which cause infection through lymph. Such pathogens are lymphotropic in nature, which means they travel through lymphatic system. Lymphatic system produces white blood cells which is the main fighter against such pathogens. In this way, actually our vaccines help in building resistance against such pathogens which are cause Cholera like ailments, Typhoid like ailments, Allergy and Allergic Asthma, TB germ etc. Therefore, by treating such kind of Diarrhoea which had occurred after a vaccine destroy the very purpose of vaccination. Vaccination is a process to induce information in defence system that develop understanding to fight against such kind of pathogens which may be striking you with a more force. In this way child develops a kind of training how to fight. This is because a wrong approach in treating such kind of diarrhoea not only confuses the immune system of a child rather allow more complex condition in that child and which may be in form of Pneumonia or even encephalitis since lymph has a connection to all such organs through lymphatic channels. In India, among neonate, the number of deaths due to Diarrhoea and Pneumonia is same rather increase every year but the average ratio is being remained the same, where the deaths are due to similar kind which can be known as Diarrhoea-Pneumonia Syndrome.

Here a question arises that why amongst those children who have been vaccinated carefully? What is vaccination whether we understand it fully? Vaccination means to make the healthy child sick against so and so for which was vaccinated. Means, one should observe the child after the vaccination and which is not possible as mandatory. Here, the role of a doctor is more important than the health workers that the child is needing medicine or not after the dose of a vaccine. In nut shell the ultimate cause in infantile age group is our either unhealthy or incompetent vaccines and or agencies who do not know (with apology) whether that child is fit or unfit. To vaccinate a child, a family history is required in the first place than the blind shot of a vaccine. A blind shot is more dangerous than the disease. Such as, in a family where the history of epilepsy is there, then that child of that family may develop a epileptic like fits and convulsions after a vaccine. In the same way, if a family history of TB is there then that child vaccinated child for TB would exhaust his entire energy in fighting with that enemy which was in the family. That child must have received genetic information from the mother to know how to fight with TB germs. One more ting that a TB bacilli (TB germ) containing various number of molecules in the sense if that child would be treated with anti-tb drugs may be alright from what was suffering after the BCG shot but a dead TB germ it self releases number of molecules and which can cause from allergy to asthma to cancer and AIDS.

So my dear friends Homeopathy has the solution. It would help in curtailing the number of deaths. A post vaccinated Diarrhoea may need Thuja as inter-current and Natrum Sulph as clinical and if the child has developed Pneumonia after being treated for Diarrhoea would need Abrotenum. Silicea would check the post vaccinal fits. If we as doctors should know this very simple things I am sure the number of deaths which are occurring every year will be certainly minimized.

Homeopathy is a evidence based science proved on healthy individuals and also in people with suffering with serious disease conditions, therefore must be tried not only to believe but as a better tool in today's scenario to save our children. The anti-pathy of orthodox allopathic system which we know as scientific is in fact is Most-Unscientific (mere a survey or management with many - many side effects) as long as they will continue to believe in such kind of Anti-pathy like Anti-Diarrhoeal, Anti-Pyratic, Anti-Analgesic, Anti-Rheumatic, Anti-Epileptic etc. We should must rid of this ill approach which was of 20th century. We must learn medicine scientifically in a right way and understand the meaning of all those nomenclature of medicine which had been envisaged by our great old masters like Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna and yes Hahnemann, the great guru

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