'A child dies every 2 minutes of pneumonia, diarrhoea in India' was news some time ago, published in DNA. Death due to pneumonia and diarrhoea, in children particularly newborn, is common in Asian countries and a need of a vaccine to check this is recommended by some experts. But the cost of such kind of vaccine (PCV; Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine) is so high (three shots for Rs.15000/-) that will not be possible by the govt to make this as mandatory. It will be also difficult for a common man to afford. Therefore as per the report some experts in conventional therapy has suggested oxygen therapy, amoxicillin antibiotic, ORS and Zinc supplements though which will take a long way in curtailing preventable child deaths. Then? Ultimate answer would be vaccine!
As long as the need of such kind of vaccines to prevent an infant against diarrhoea will be based on the Rotavirus, blamed to be the causative factor as per some latest researches will consider the truth then our government must spend this much amount to protect each newborn child of India by spending 15,000 for each. And which I think will not be possible for any government of India like. However, then why not try homeopathy?
The question is why such type of situation has arisen, is it because of the mal-nutrition, ignorance or poverty; or the cause is something else! Which may be the immunity of a child which he or she receives from its mother. Some medical researches show that a mother with normal health passes her immunity to her child through her milk to fight against such kind of virus whether Rota or something else, known to cause pneumonia. It is because such kind of high mortality amongst children of India was never seen in any era. Then why in this? which is just 20, 30 years old! Whether the causes to all these are some vaccines!? Which were considered essential to keep the child healthy. On the contrary the clinical experiment shows that the newborn children of this era are having variety of problems as the causes of their deaths or sickness than to those of prior to that where so many vaccines in order to protect a child were not there.
In homeopathy, which considered as no pathy, one remedy is there which, in which if a child develops pneumonia after being treated for diarrhoea by our orthodox physicians, can save the child from dying. The fact is diarrhoea hardly kills but pneumonia can certainly. To me, this research which has been published in one reputed print, conducted by those who have link with those things which have more marketing values and not from the value to mankind. So if we are really interested to save our those children whose parents cannot afford such vaccine, for the sake of mankind, we must consider 'Homeopathy is a PATHY' and not just as 'No Pathy' or 'Bakwas'.

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