DrMirza Anwer Baig

Some friends have often asked me through messages to write on breast cancer, so here I am sharing this article. As we know cancer is a purposeless growth, sometimes which may also be caused by certain parasitic pathogenic organisms which may be germ, virus or a parasite. The breast cancer (ductal carcinoma) is now being identified that is caused by an oncogenic virus which is parasitic in nature or which can be derived through the genetic (epithelial) transformation from the mother.
As we also know that parasites are organisms which obtain food and shelter from another host. In human cancer also flourishes at the expenses of its host. The characteristics of cancer are the tendency to cause local destruction, to spread by metastasis, to recur after removal and to cause toxaemia.
Dr. William B. Coley, an American physician, somewhere in19th century reported that an injection of bacterial filtrates (kadha or ark from bacteria or germs) if injected into cancer patients could cure them. The theory behind this is a homeopathic, 'If a bacterial parasite can cause cancer, same bacterial parasitic filtrate can cure that cancer. ' One can also call this the nosode therapy and if being used on the line of similia may become homeopathic prescription.
Today cytology of medical science has identified Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF) recognized as a key protein in infections and was derived from a mice which was injected endotoxin. This tumour necrosis factor or protein is a cytokine (kadha or energy) and which probably was also the active principle of Dr. Coley's Toxin, who showed the way that the tumour can be treated by inducing infection, which also means that today the main cause behind the excessive rise of tumours and cancers may be because of the excessive intake of antibiotics.
However, I have treated quite number of breast cancer cases through my nosodes along with the clinical and causative remedies of homeopathy. The action of my nosodes are like Dr. Coley's toxins which trigger the humoral and cellular responses of the immune system of the body but unlike Coley's toxin which was from a bacterial source my source is from viral, bacterial and other pathogens including some vaccines. I will discuss about them in my next post.

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