Case No.1 : Mrs. A. (Ref. No. 8108), Mafkhar Clinic Bandra, seen by Dr. Shahida Baig as follow-up for re-case taking. Dr. Shahida, my wife took the case on 6th January 2010. In her notes she wrote: The case of left breast lump operated in 2000, thereafter after 2 years, after completing her radiation and chemo therapy she was under treatment of Dr. Mirza Anwer Baig. The biopsy report of that operating lump was Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma from Dr. V.K. Gupta Ashwini Laboratory, Andheri West.
In this report dated 10th May 2002, the pathologist has defined material is Breast lump, Left side. On gross examination; Single Irregular Greyish White Soft Tissue about 1.5 cm in size is seen. The cut surface shows Whitish Fibrous appearance. Histopathology shows Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma with Dense Stromal Desmoplasia. Also seen are in Situ Lobular Carcinoma. Impression is – Breast Lump with infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma.
On physical examination her left breast is little smaller with a hollow surface and which may be because of the surgical excision of that lump the specimen of which was sent to Dr. V.K. Gupta M.D. (Path). In her notes Dr. Shahida N.D., D.H.M.S. mentioned further; Now the patient is much better with Dr. Baig's treatment and left the Nosode also which was advised by Dr. Baig. One day morning suddenly she got watery discharge from the nipple, got panic and consulted her cancer Doctor, also started taking that aqua (Nosode) which was given by Dr. Baig.
She also disclosed that she is taking allopathic medicines for joint pains, peptic ulcer, diabetes and for high blood pressure. The present complaints are stools painful with burning, abdomen distended with pain above the navel, urine in drops due to urine infection. Also having sciatica pain right side which aggravates on standing and extend to upwards, more aggravates on exertions. Her orthopaedic Doctor says which is because of spondylosis due to cancer metastasis. Her axillary glands are enlarged and matted, are painful on touch. With all these information Dr. Shahida sent the patient back to me.
For me this patient was really difficult and also interesting since used to come in intervals always in panic. In between was also consulting other specialists and Doctors. But every time when she used to come to me, came with some new reports, advised by cancer experts who were monitoring her and considering her as their successful case. Actually I was fed up with this case and which was the reason I send her to Dr. Shahida for re-case taking.
Her reports: Discharge summary from Ruby Hospital, Jogeshwari where she was admitted for chemo therapy from 10th June 2002 to 25th June 2002 for first cycle of CT. Her Cancer Marker report after the chemo was high. It was, CA 15-3, on 12th July 2002, was 7.5 (Normal Range 0-53).
CA 15-3 was repeated on 11th August 2003 and was 7.7. It was repeated on 17th August 2004 and 14th November 2007, was found still high, 5.8 and 3.3 respectively. It was again repeated on 9th January 2009, was 3.8. The test CA 15-3 was yet further repeated on 21st March 2009 and was found out of range. Means she was entered into the last stage of her disease. While her Whole Body Bone Scan done on 30th April 2009 was within normal limits.
This long documented case of operated Residual Breast Cancer to which other were also treating her since 2002 from time to time so she was visiting us intermittently every time with some new complaints. Such as she came on 20th May 2003, at the Aarish Academy, registered under my unit (Registration No. 495/2003). She was very much frightened, I suggested Morphinum 1M single dose for her. Morphinum helped her on many occasions. She continued there till 2009. Yet one more medicine which helped her much and was repeated frequently was Nosode II, (Now which is Maul Dam), along with some clinical and complimentary medicines which were given her off and on. One clinical remedy was Asteria Rubense, constitutional was Lycopodium. Miasmatic was Medorrhinum. Some intercurrent were Thuja and Sulphur, on some occasion Calcarea Carb and Arsenic as per the record of Aarish Academy.
In fact, for the first time I saw her at my Bandra chamber and also treated her during the year 2002, the record of which I don't have with me, also not remember my first prescription. The story is long she had gone to her family Doctor for some general problem, while examining she noticed a small nodule in her left breast and suggested to see a surgeon. This surgeon sent her for FNAC and got the report as suspected cancer, therefore he operated and excised that nodule. The biopsy report of that revealed as Ductal Carcinoma so he referred her to cancer specialist who suggested chemo, after which she developed some complications and which was the reason she visited me. Thereafter she was consulting cancer experts also and came to me again at Aarish Academy and Mafkhar Clinic in Mira Road and Bandra from time to time. The photographs of her with us are from 2010 till today. No. 1, the earliest, showing left breast is smaller than the right. In No. 2, showing left become little large but remained smaller than the right. While No. 3 shows nipple ulcerated with mucoprulent greyish yellow discharges. Actually this photograph which during follow ups gave us the impression that the case has turned into hopeless condition but was the important clue to give us her causative remedy. With this horrible ulcerated wound she disclosed that this kind of ulcerated wound in her left nipple was also there some 24 years ago and which was because of feeding her second child who is now 24 years old. While feeding, he was very hyperactive, once he bite her nipple. Later which infected and then turned into ulcer. During that time she was treated by allopath, took long time to heal. To me, the clue was crushed and infected wound treated with antibiotics, means suppressed toxins within the breast and which might have the cause of her actual illness the breast cancer.
After seeing this wound and knowing about the story I gave her Ledum and Hypericum in high doses repeatedly alternatively for few days and which finally healed her and this malignant ulcer by leaving a scar, follow up of this wound was better and better, it had started reseeding. Photograph No. 7 is the latest one showing the healing ulcer, her cancer was also cured. The patient is pain free and disease free also anxiety free and well. One more medicine which took an important role in the treatment of her was Virionum. She stopped visiting other doctors too.
Virionum is potentized form of HIV-I nosode, now which is a homeopathic remedy for such type of patients who have marked anxiety and fear for some serious disease such people are also very anxious for testing them because of HIV & AIDS phobia. Nosode II is from this molecule of AIDS and which is in dilution form of this nosode of AIDS which had brought out from an AIDS patient, a young female, who was cured by homeopathy while Virionum is in potentized form of this in various dilutions. The proving of this is Homo-Immunization book, published in the year 2000.

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