Carcinomas and Sarcomas in simple language can be defined as tumours which generally occur and involve one of the two main tissues type, Epithelial or Connective. Therefore initial appearance of a tumour is in the form of Papiloma, if arising from within the cells, are Carcinomas and if from outside of the cell are Sarcomas. That is to say Carcinomas arise from inner Cytoplasm of a cell while Sarcomas from its outer covering. It is also therefore Carcinomas may be also inherited while Sarcomas are acquired or due to some situational cause. It is yet also therefore sonologically i.e. through sonography or radiography Carcinoma will give a picture of homogenous shadow while Sarcoma heterogeneous.
However, here I would like to share one case of Sarcoma where I failed to treat this intelligent and active child who was suffering with Ewing’s Sarcoma. About this Ewing’s Sarcoma Dr. Ewing had described it as a tumour of childhood and young adult life, arises from the medullary cavity of the bone. According to Dr. Ewing it is non-oestrogenic and consists of small-dark staining cells which destroy the bone. Therefore, when the bone expands these may be some reactive periosteal new bone expands from there. While some modern researchers explaining about this condition that when a connective tissue tumour (Sarcoma) invades some long bones, it gets attached to that.
So, God knows what is Sarcoma and what is Carcinoma since cancers are cancers, our conventional experts naming them as per the type of tissues and or cells. Such as, if Oval Cell is affecting will be termed as Sarcoma, if Squamous, Squamous cell carcinoma, if epithelial, Epithelial Carcinoma etc. etc.
Raiyan was 5yrs old, when I have seen him. He had a huge tumour over his back and which was started from his left scapula, therefore was diagnosed as Ewing’s Sarcoma when he was 4yrs old and was under the treatment of conventional therapist for around one year. During this period the child was also undergone to therapy from different schools including homeopathy. History revealed that in his school he was given punishment by his school teacher and which was in form of hitting on his shoulder. When he came back from the school he did not complained to his mother about his punishment. When his mother asked him to do the homework, then he said that he is not fit since was getting pain over his back because he had got hurt somewhere in the school while playing but mother considered this as he was bluffing her so she hit him incidentally on the same place where was beaten by his class teacher. However, thereafter he slept and disclosed the truth to his mother on the very next day. Now, mother started looking his trauma and found some kind of bruise over his back. So started rubbing that with ice to give relief to his sufferings also took him to her family doctor who in addition gave the child some painkillers and antibiotics.
According to him, some kind of infection was already established there on that place i.e. on his back. Now, after few days though his pains and sign of bruise were disappeared but now he had developed on that place a kind of papular nodular like swelling. So, mother had consulted some another doctor who after treating with some medication suggested for biopsy but in the sample of that biopsy nothing was revealed. So, the child underwent for the excision of that pathology considering that of some kind of cystic growth. After which, that growth started growing more fastly giving rise to a kind of a tumour mass.
Now, FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) which also could not revealed any diagnostic sign. Therefore his cancer experts decided to do punched biopsy from 3 different places of that mass and for this the child was admitted to one hospital. Here his grandfather was not agreed and was constantly opposing this kind of testing since according to his experience whosoever have gone to this kind of testing had suffered a lot after this. So, he was constantly protesting. However, the child who was composed before the test had developed agony of pains and sufferings of all kind and which did not responded to any painkiller or antibiotics etc. In that hospital during the agony of his grandson which had come after the biopsy his grandfather had created a scene in that hospital and which was the reason thereafter his parents did not allow the grandfather to accompany them. In brief, they tried all kind of treatment in spite surgery radiation and chemo including homeopathy did not stopped his growing tumour.
In this case, where I have failed, later when I came to know about him from his grandfather possibly if I would have interviewed him rather than his parents I would have succeeded in treating this innocent child. According to his grandfather his actual sufferings were after he was in his nonstop agony was due to the biopsy which was taken from him under anaesthesia from 3 different places of his tumours. His grandfather fought with the staff of the hospital and his cancer doctors. He said “they are not the doctors but are the rascals”. That is why the parents of this child never accompanied him wherever have gone for his therapy. His poor parents with the hope of his treatment went from pillar to post, from experts to quacks, from quacks to faith healers, from faith healers to alternative healers, from conventional to unconventional, even they traveled to abroad in search of the treatment for their this only beloved child.
Now, I realize perhaps his sufferings were not because of the sarcoma, rather were because of injury to his nerves where pathogens like neurotrophic and lymphotrophic affected him and had caused such kind of Sarcoma. If Staphysagria would have been given to this child, perhaps the child would have been with us with his great grandfather. May God Bless the Child in His heaven.

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