‘Individualized treatment of TB patients is the only solution to control TB,’ the statement came from a legend TB expert of Mumbai Dr. Zarir Udwadia. According to Dr. Udwadia which he has expressed recently to the media in reply of when was asked why TB is not coming under control in spite of newer drugs which have been introduced sometimes ago as category IV i.e. as the latest treatment of TB. Dr. Udwadia says, “This IV treatment may work in remote places where patients have not been exposed to second-line drugs, but Mumbai’s patients have been exposed to these drugs so therefore they are overused and abused, so most of them are resist to even these newer drugs.”
To treat individually is the line of Homeopathy, so I thank Dr. Udwadia for accepting not Homeopathy but the line of Homeopathy. May be someday not only he but other Allopathic experts may recognize the truth hidden behind Homeopathy in a natural way. Sometimes ago, there was a news that some homeopathic researcher made a Nosode from one allopathic newer drug known to allopathy as latest tool for fighting against TB and also a nosode prepared from the germs which were derived from the sputum of some resistant TB patients of Mumbai. This experiment was carried out in Haffkin’s Institute and the outcome was encouraging. In this experiment homeopathically prepared nosodes were given to them along with newer TB drugs. So one can call this to control TB needs Homeo-allopathic or Allo-homeopathic approach. I appreciate this regime and because this was my wish to ‘Go beyond pathies for the sake of mankind.’ I have been using nosode prepared from HIV in treating such cases like multi drug resistant TB for around 15-16 years with remarkably encouraging results. I have also written a book ‘Homo-immunization’ on the same topic which also includes the materia medica of HIV virus along with its proving and uses of this nosode etc.
However, here I would like to share some MDR TB cases where anti TB drugs including some latest which were shown not effective. He was an elderly man working as a TC in Indian Railway Services. He had inflammatory swelling of his left foot along with low grade fever and pains on walking, was diagnosed as tubercular dermatitis along with sequestrum inside tibia (left leg). The patient when not responded to medical treatment, was asked to go for surgical treatment and which was the reason he consulted alternative since was afraid of surgery. This is how he came to us along with swelling of the leg. His skin was also showing some dark pigments with the specific modalities that keeping the leg hanging, making him more uncomfortable. His x-ray of left leg was showing sequestrum turning into dead piece of bone inside the medial surface of his tibia, the large leg bone. Pains were bursting type in nature and were relieved by elevating. At this stage Vipera 30 potency in 2 doses were given to this patient as a clinical remedy and which helped as well. Later, constitutionally Phosphorus was given to him and the result was further encouraging. The dark pigments first came more on the surface then disappeared gradually. Also the dead piece of bone emerged out from within the body in a natural way. Thereafter, swelling and pigmentation gone also, leaving to a milky discharge from within the wound and which also disappeared in a course of time. Milky discharge is a characteristic of TB infection.
In this case, one more remedy was helpful and which was Nosode of HIV prescribed to him as complementary. It took about 2-3 months to cure him completely and thereafter no discharge, no swelling, no fever, no pain etc. He is living a normal healthy life. Now, more than around 2 years no relapse till now.
Now another case: He was a watchman of my society. I quite often saw him when was applying Betadine ointment on his left leg. He was weak and pale also, so I inquired about him and his health, I saw his leg as well. There was a big wound with a scar surrounded with dark pigments around that. History revealed that he had an accident knocking down by a tempo, broken his leg and was hospitalized for around more than one year at his hometown, somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. History further revealed that the operation which was carried out on him was placing the rod inside his tibia bone since the fracture of this was compound. He was also given lots of antibiotics and also anti-TB drugs considering the non healing wound is affecting to tubercular oesteomylitis but which were resulted him more and more weak and sick. He was anaemic and with weight loss, also was depressed and sad. I suggested him Symphitum 30, morning and evening for a week along with Arsenic Iode 3X, 3-4 times in a day and followed by his constitutional remedy which was Phosphorus, 30, single dose. After which, his dark pigmented discoloration started decreasing, his lifeless face turned into lifeful. The milky discharge which he used to get earlier turned into purulent yellow and then also discharged out completely from his ulcerated wound and formed full scar after a dose of Silicea 200. TB when left the body forms a scar.
There are many more cases of such kind which I may share in a course of time with you all just to prove that today’s Resistant TB can only be handled through Homeopathy or through Allo-Homeopathic approach alone by treating the patient as a individual what Dr. Zarir Udwadia has said.

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