Today, there is so much news about Zika virus. Zika is a forest of Uganda (Africa) from where this has spread to South America and the chances are that the scourge of this may spread to rest of the world. Recently some researchers from USA have linked this virus to sexually transmitted disease just like AIDS since the virus has been found in the saliva of the patients who had this also in their urine. Though, it has also seen in one specific mosquito known for causing dengue.
Actually, viruses have several characteristics that distinguish them from other micro-organisms. It is because virus particles have no metabolic or bio-synthetic properties, nor contain any membrane bound enzyme or some complicated organic cell material which requires for the division of a cell. Thus they are totally dependent hence are parasites of the cell itself. Above all, a virus cannot attack or enter into a normal cell in the first place. Therefore, which are totally dependent, one which is in organised form and which moves seeking survival while others which are in in-organised form termed as TOXINS.
Zika virus belongs to 'Flavi virus' family which is like dengue causing hemorrhagic fever. Its symptomatology is also similar to yellow fever of Africa and Japanese Encephalitis. In India which was also known as 'Gardan Tod Bukhar' just like 'Haddi Tod Bukhar' for Influenza. Now the question is, how a virus can cause a disease that too like Craneostenosis where a child was born with a small head or where the cranial sutures whether seized prematurely?
Craneostenosis of a new born or pre-natal child born with this defect as congenital is because of the Zika? Or is it because of some vaccines which do contain some genetic materials and which can tamper the genes by entering inside the genome of the host. It is also a well known fact that most of such children have shown the symptoms of Gullian Barre Syndrome, a kind of ascending paralysis later on which is known to cause multiple Sclerosis of spine and the brain. Now what is Sclerosis?
Sclerosis is abnormal hardening of a tissue because of fibrosis where an organ's scleroma got affected either due to some pathogens or some chemicals. If this spreads systematically then would termed as multiple sclerosis. This mysterious disease whether due to an after effect of a vaccine or due to some viruses or toxins is the disease of young adults in which patchy de-generative changes occur in nerve sheaths in the brain. And most likely whether such kind of ailment is being caused by some vaccines or because of the suppression of a viral affection will remain as mystery as long as this is not going to be solved.
Sclerosis of spinal cord or of brain which was first described by Gullian Barr, later which included in medical literature as Gullian Barre Syndrome, initially which was considered as the effect of M.M.R. vaccination. It is because in England 4 cases of S.S.P.E. (Sub Acute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis). S.S.P.E. is a neuro-de-generative disease was seen in some cases of certain children who were vaccinated for measles.
This was also seen in some of those who have been vaccinated for Hepatitis B vaccine. Same effects have been noticed, also seen in those who were vaccinated for influenza (swine flu) but no proof as such whether vaccines are causing this has been identified claimed by W.H.O. while the fact may be who-so-ever have this also had the history of vaccination, not only some few specific but variety of different vaccines. Then, it would be difficult to say which had or may be causing this. Therefore whether the vaccines are causing or those symptomatic drugs which are locally used for fever, cough cold, diarrhoea etc. Homeopathically which are symptomatology of Psora and every human would react to this. Therefore repeatedly using of such known drugs are the sole cause of what we are facing today in form of Gullian Barre syndrome after vaccinating our child against so and so diseases inviting so and so disease since we do not allow our child to suffer. 'Survival is the fittest' is the essence of immunity or immunology. W.H.O. should propagate this also not only campaigning alone for the vaccination

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