DrMirza Anwer Baig 

Today though most of the diseases have become incurable to our conventional medical system which is allopathy, so therefore variety of technical and palliative ways to manage such cases have been invented one after another in the name of science. Unfortunately, Homeopathy which have cured beyond countable numbers of mysterious cases which were declared as incurable still considered as un-scientific and an assumption by majority of people and scientific community. It is because homeopathy belongs to the science of Para-Physics not of Physics which most of us know. In America the scientists of para physics are trying to search the mystery of nature, soul and mind, may be tomorrow homeopathy will be considered as a part of science whether of physics or para-physics.
The funniest part in this scenario is that majority of doctors though they come from the fraternity of homeopathy practice allopathy. What it means? Whether the so called colleges of homeopathy are really giving them the knowledge of homeopathy or simply wasting their time and money? This further also confuses the general public. However, I am trying and will be always trying to boost the morale of upcoming homeopaths and will try to prove homeopathy as science and the only medicine which can solve the medical problems and can cure those ailments which generally declared incurable by those orthodox healers and so called medical experts of the society.
Here is a case which was reminded to me by one of my admirer Iqbal Ahmed Mirza with a comment on one of my post (Link is given below). The patient (Iqbal’s nephew) was brought to me when he was just one month old, born with a congenital poly cystic kidney (left side). His kidney was so big that was easily palpable manually. History revealed that the parents were told during pre-netal care that the child building inside the uterus is having tumour of its left kidney. Therefore the right scientific way would be is to abort. Incidentally history also revealed that it was the first upcoming child in the family, therefore the parents and grandparents did not accept the advices of their gynaecologists. It is also therefore this child took the birth with a huge kidney and was declared as incurable since his reports indicating not only huge poly-cystic kidney but also with infection. His urine was showing multiple puss cells in spite of the management in the said hospital where was born. So they referred the child to a teaching hospital with a prediction that this child is not going to survive and would die just in few days. God knows what made them to bring this child to us; Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Mirza would tell you. When I saw this child, in spite with so huge kidney and infection he was listless means was not feeling any discomfort though the discomfort was in the faces of the whole family who were accompanying him. History also revealed that His mother was under tremendous stress during his intra-uterine life. My prescription was based on this very simple thing and see the result, how this child survived who was declared as incurable. Mr. Iqbal will tell us how he is and how old he is. However, my prescription to this child was Nosode 1, a molecule of cancer now which is Maul Halib and which is registered under the Indian Pharmacopia.
Now what is science, important part of homeopathy is the vital force and how the cancer develop and how a vital force can be helped to come out from the affect of cancer. Some consider this as non-sense since it has no physical form but it has a mind of its own which knows how to come out from the crisis of its own state which is body. Modern scientific people will often say this is all shit but the healers of earlier days whether of allpathy, unani or ayurveda have already said and believed that human body is having an ability to reform in its own faults and re-correct the disability or dis-function of its own system provided if been given assistance to this. Therefore in those days the role of physician was to assist and help the action of this vital force which is not in physical form but is in para-physical form such as we cannot see a soul but is there. But unfortunately the modern healers of modern society who consider themselves as experts and whom we believe our saviour will reject this by considering this as un-scientific and or as assumption.
In this case there were some clinical and complimentary medicines of homeopathy which I don’t remember right now. This was challenging case to me but it was the patience of the family and their helplessness made this child to grow young who once scientifically suggested to abort i.e. kill him before taking birth. All documented evidences of this case are with us and we can certainly share if someone need. A vital force knows how to re-correct the diseased condition which a disease force is causing. Disease forces develop under variety of causative factors from infection to infestation or through ingestion by sick genes etc. Homeopathy is the only science which can talk to scientific community as per the levels, Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis. And if the so called scientific community of human being now really wants to know about this science then please without being prejudiced think of learning this.

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