DrMirza Anwer Baig

This is to bring to the notice of unbelievers and also to the “Nature” the most respectable and authentic magazine amongst conventional healing science, Which once publicized homeopathy as placebos.
This girl around 3 years old came to us with suspect tubercular osteomyelitis of a resistant case which was earlier diagnosed as Juvenile Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis i.e. which was resembling like Rheumatic. Rheumatism is a non-specific term given by confused physicians of the past so they consider this as non-specific? But I think they were right in their era as we are wrong in our era which is considered as scientific.
However, here is the case. She came to us because was told to take her to the TB hospital. Fortunately or unfortunately, in general believing, that was known that in the hospital even the doctors are afraid.
By the way, the history revealed this child while learned how to crawl that was rainy season and the family was belonged to a poor one. Therefore, their house floor was remained wet and she used to crawl on that wet soil. At the age of one year she got affected to pneumonia, earlier which was diagnosed as typhoid. So she was treated for pneumonia and typhoid. After which she developed inflammatory swelling on her left foot. At this stage was treated for arthritis, later for rheumatoid arthritis, finally TB or Tubercular arthritis.
So this is a common story, actually doctors befools patients and their relatives since they themselves remain in such dilemma that what is this or what was that? This is the sole cause or reason, today's scientific community or science has given new names to today's diseases in form of syndromes.
God has blessed this child. The prescriptions on the basis of simila had helped her so much that she brought the fever back which was considered as typhoid then TB. In fever, she brought out these mykes which once considered as typhoid then TB and also rheumatic type. See how the mykes come out while fever helps. The child finally cured completely. She brought out the BCG mark also.

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