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Nagpur: The premise that all diseases start in the mind has only recently been accepted by allopathy, but homeopathy has been claiming this for decades, say its proponents. They also feel that instead of deriding or fear mongering about 'allied pathies', practitioners of modern medicine need to let people make their own choice when it comes to deciding the system of medicine they want.

This was discussed on the sidelines of a seminar on 'Understanding The Patients in Feelings and Understanding Mental Symptoms' organized in the city recently by Orange City Homoeopaths Association (OCHA). Dr Hemlata Joel and Dr Vrushali Sakhardande from Hahnemannian Homoeo Forum (HHF) were the faculty for the workshop. Founded by Dr Milind Rao, HHF is a group of homeopathy practitioners from the state who promote treating patients based on their reactions to their environment and vice versa.

"The basis of our science is that all long-standing, unresolved emotions lead to physical reactions. The intensity of these reactions is directly proportional to the intensity of the emotions themselves," said Dr Joel. She also believes that the widespread lifestyle disorders these days are related more to the increased stress in everyday life than to wrong dietary habits or lack of physical activities.

"A major reason for our emotions being unresolved is that despite being 'connected' 24X7, most of us feel intrinsically lonely. Most of us do not have someone to vent out our feelings to, which get piled up inside us, leading to diseases," she said.

Dr Sakhardande said that the way every individual deals with his emotions or situations in life is different, as is his approach to illnesses. "This is the reason remedies for people suffering from the same disease but with different personalities are different in homeopathy," she said.

She believes that the number of people choosing homeopathy as the first line of treatment rather than a last resort is increasing due to the evidence being produced by practitioners about the efficacy of the science. "Allopathy is a very good science, as is homeopathy. Both work on very different principles. Rather than stopping people from using the other, doctors must let patients make their own choice," she said.

President of OCHA Dr Manish Patil said that despite there being a separate ministry to promote homeopathy and other allied sciences, the government is not doing enough for these sciences.


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