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Dear Homeopaths,
When we sent you an appeal in December to commit a small annual donation to save Hahnemann’s house in Torgau, thousands of homeopaths came forward in support. We were overwhelmed and thought that we have done the needful to keep the house for the homeopathic community. However, some forces in Torgau, using their political weight want to snatch away our beloved Hahnemann’s house from us and install their own non-homeopathic association there. The greed to have a fine ready-made building, which has been restored from its dilapidated state by the efforts of homeopaths, is making these forces resort to all kinds of tactics, ignoring the historical significance of this building.
The city council of Torgau will vote on 3rd February 2016, whether to give the house to these outsiders who have nothing to do with homeopathy or to continue with the homeopathic organization committed to maintain and develop the house further, International Hahnemann Center Torgau e. V. We need your support to ensure that the Hahnemann House remains with our homeopathic organization.
We seek your support in our effort to save Hahnemann’s house. Please copy the text after the horizontal line below, add your name after “Hochachtungsvoll”,  and email it to the following email id’s:
City council: E-mail: stadtrat@torgau.de
Local press: Email of the chief editors:
Thomas Stöber, Chefredakteur Torgauer Zeitung Email: thomas.stoeber@haus-der-presse.de
Sebastian Stöber, Chefredakteur Torgauer Zeitung Email: sebastian.stoeber@haus-der-presse.de
cc to mail@hpathy.com
We need to send as many emails to the city council and the local press as possible, BEFORE 2nd FEB.
PLEASE do this right now! Every email counts.
With sincere request,

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