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Chronic condition with certain complications like; fibrosis, fibromatosis and or myositis, sclerosis, osteosis, osteoporosis etc are irreversible pathology. In these conditions patient cannot be restored to normal, would need surgery to palliate such conditions but how homeopathy can treat such obstinate chronic conditions. Here I would like to share one such case which had more or less every complication of lung in her sufferings for around 20 years. Homeopathy finally cured her completely. This, case, happens to be the mother of my assistant Dr. Meh Jabin Khan. During her prolong sufferings her mother was in a respirator for sometime during one such of her illnesses. The documented evidences are also shared with this post. But before talking about this case in details, I would like to share my own mother’s case.
She was the patient of bronchial asthma with complicated bronchiactasis and emphysema. Beside this every winter she used to get severe asthmatic attacks and with which she was suffering for many years. Earlier during her young age, she had tuberculosis of spine which was due to spinal injury following an accidental fall. She was treated successfully with allopathy and was cured. After which she developed eczema and which was treated allopathically by skin specialist. After which she started getting respiratory allergic symptoms and which finally led her into the condition I had mentioned above i.e. bronchial asthma with complicated bronchiactasis and emphysema.
It was somewhere, when I started taking interest in homeopathy, somewhere 30 years ago. One of my friend Dr. F.M. Kulay (now late) who was a well-known homeopath of Mumbai and the key person who introduced me to my great guru Dr. E.G.K. Menon sir (Late), treated my mother for her recurrent problems and she was benefitted to some extent by homeopathy. Though, my another friend, Dr. Vanjani (who, that time was asst. professor of medicine in one famous teaching hospital of Mumbai) had predicted about her that she may not survive for more than six months, although she lived for more than 20 years after that and died in the year 2004 at the age of ninety, not due to respiratory complications but with a natural death.
However, now this patient i.e. the mother of my assistant Dr. Meh Jabin Khan, first I have seen her around 15 years ago, when was discharged from Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, Mira Road where was treated for pleurisy. She came to Aarish Academy for respiratory distress with chest pain, was first seen by Dr. Shahida (my wife). In her notes, dated 19th May 2005, she wrote; ‘Patient with difficult respiration who had discharged from the hospital after getting treated for suspected tuberculosis leading to pleurisy. Her complaints were more or less same when was admitted in the hospital. The modalities are difficulty in respiration, aggravation lying on either sides, abdomen tympanic with full of gasses, better by passing flatus. She is constipated, complaints ghabrahat (palpitation) in closed room, gets as if suffocative in that, particularly during ‘Namaz’ (prayers) when she adjusts her scarf (dupatta). She cannot offer her prayers with tight dupatta (scarf). She often wakes up sleep from. This patient in her young age was working in a mill of cotton wool, developed allergy from these and there after went on getting complicating stages in spite of treatment with allopathy.
Here I would like to express and describe some more points so that one can easily understand what remedy she had been prescribed to her. The patient used to get very off and on respiratory affection and asthma. Because of this many times she was hospitalized, this time the case of her was pleurisy.
However, Dr. Shahida had prescribed her, that time, Lachesis 200, single dose, follow-ups were placebos. In between she had also prescribed her many remedies according to the clinical conditions. One important prescription of her was Merc Sulph.
Merc Sulph I found very effective in such cases of chronic respiratory sufferings where due to fibrosis of bronchioles, most of the time due to such kind of fibrosis and necrosis of bronchioles which lead into emphysema develop the symptomatology of Merc Sulph. Dr. Shahida and her team treated this lady for so long but she never became alright. After that there is a long list of her sufferings and for which Homeopathy had treated her without any anti TB Drugs which are needed to kill germs. In this case rather the germs helped in recovering her by resolving irreversible pathology.
My entry to this case was in the year 2014 when she was hospitalized for respiratory failure and was in a respirator. Her x-ray of chest, dated 12.06.2014 (from Riddhi Siddhi Hospital, Mira Road) was: Extensive opacities are seen in bilateral lung fields suggestive of Koch’s pathology. Apart from this; bilateral mild pleural effusion was noted. No focal lung parenchymal or interstitial lesion was seen in that report. Earlier were suggesting fibrosed version of the lungs (perhaps which was due to emphysema following recurrent asthmatic attacks. This reports; dated 12.06.2014 was suggesting Koch’s pathology along with pleural effusion. She was discharged from the hospital with a portable respirator. The prediction from respiratory experts who were treating her was that, she may not survive for more than few weeks or days. This time I was called by the patient’s daughter Dr. Meh Jabin. I gave her Mephites for her respiratory distress based on her clinical pictures and there after some other clinical and complimentary remedies during follow up for around 5 to 6 months. The inter-current remedy was Nosode II, Virionum (Maul-Dam) in molecular doses for around 3 months. See the latest report.
Dated 4.12.2015, her x-ray of chest shows, increased broncho-vascular markings, not active lesion of tuberculosis, what was shown in her earlier report. This is the magic of Homeopathy, where no conventional anti-tubercular drugs known to kill TB germs were used. On the contrary, in between she was also given Bascillinum, the nosode of TB germs. I hope this case will open the eyes of those who consider the homeopathy as ‘NONSENSE’ and boost the morale of the budding homeopaths

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