Read some pages of my book 'Homo-Immunization' to understand my point of view and to understand the mentals of a person and his family members when test results shows HIV positive for various reasons and the person becomes a full
blown AIDS patient after that...

My dear Friends,
The day before Yesterday, it was 1st Dec. The World AIDS Day, and was celebrated, which means though lots of efforts applied to defeat and control AIDS were not up to the desired expectations. So many of doctors have suggested one new idea that why not every boy and girl before getting marry should be tested for HIV. To some it is a good idea but to me I don’t support this. One example to this i.e. to prove my points is that very recently one young lady (22yrs.) was brought to me who was HIV positive and had gone to various therapist of different faculties to make her HIV negative but more and more she was treated by such doctors she was actually entered into the category of AIDS. Her defender cells were out of range. History revealed that to whom she was engages for the marriage her would be spouse put the condition that she would be tested for HIV before get marrying to her. Unfortunately she found as HIV positive, the reaction to this that not only she went into shock and tried to commit suicide her mother died due to shock. Her father got a heart attack and brother committed suicide.
Now what you say? The slogan raised by the residents doctors of Mumbai supported by few giants of medical community, is that ‘the test for HIV should be mandatory before getting married should be considered as essential.’ However I feel like to post few pages from my book ‘Homo-Immunization’ to elaborate the mental states of certain peoples who may be susceptible to this disease. These are the actual or conventional proving of the AIDS virus which has been proved by me in form of Virionum, which also explains the mental state of such kind of people. My this proving is not incidental though I am going post the clinical proving as well of this virus which is believed to cause AIDS. But here is it self. So please these pages from my book to understand my point of view. I will discuss more in my next post.

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