Yesterday, while reading a newspaper shocked to know about this news when a newborn baby suffered due to injection's needle abscess. Thereafter this newborn was struggling for around 40 days. According to the newspaper, Urdu times daily (Mumbai edition), this happened in a Govt. hospital of Pune. This newborn baby vaccinated with some mandatory vaccines, which is being advised by the Govt. health agencies to be given at the time of birth. Unfortunately while doing so the needle got stuck in the thigh of the baby and got broken after which the baby developed a severe acute condition which resulted into an abscess. Such kind of unexpected may happen would raise several questions to which only after investigations will come to know about its answer. However I feel like to define acute and chronic conditions which if properly understood may save many lives.
Acute is an state such as in cases of trauma and injury in which body goes into homeostasis to allow those forces to come into action to take an active part in the fight between self and non self to save self by destroying or eliminating those non-self whether germs, viruses or a needle, or any kind of trauma such as injury, burns, scald or any kind of pathogens which may be entering inside the body after trauma, even after burns or scalds etc. Earlier hakeems and physicians of their era knew this by explaining it in terms of humoral response and which they perhaps perceived from other animals. When animals got sick don't take anything, just sit quietly and wait. In fact this way the body helps since the mind of us acts on the feedback mechanism.
In our body an acute condition whether trauma, any injury or any kind of ingestion whether germs or virus or a needle would trigger acute phase response through by releasing an enzyme Cytokines which control the release of various other factors which take part in the process of defence by releasing other enzymes or hormones like histamine and mast cells etc. Mast cells receive the information through genes or through their acquired experiences while the histamine's function is to put all these defence there at the region where these are required. Unfortunately some distinguished discoveries of 20th century like anti histaminic and anti Pyretic drugs etc. are disturbing this natural mechanism and which have resulted into variety of problems including auto immune diseases, TB, cancer and AIDS.
These days what I am seeing that a fever even of 2 days if tested through our so called evidence based serological test turned out that malaria or typhoid etc., positive. Though, the natural defence takes some times to form such defence in form of antibodies against such antigens or conditions. Therefore one should not rely to such kind of reports or tests etc. in the first place.
In such scenario I feel like to describe one case and which was of my one student. She attended the institute Aarish Academy one day before, was active and healthy but was little upset, did not came on that day when there was a seminar where her presence was required. However, when I spoke to her she said the fever was sudden hectic type on the eve of that day when she left the institute. Next day her family doctor asked for all such reports which have been levelled her as the case of typhoid. Though she bought all those medications known to treat typhoid prescribed by her family doctor but she never took them. On the contrary she took that medicine which I told her on the phone and which had made fit her enough that she resumed the institute after 2 days. According to her statement she had never taken any those medications, which has been prescribed by her family doctor. The homeopathic medication which I suggested her for so called typhoid or typhoid like condition was Ailanthus Glandulosa. The basis of my prescription was symptoms which appeared suddenly causing her bed ridden with prostration. She was complaining general stupor with confused mind, headache and drowsiness along with the symptoms of common cold and neck pain. She became alright just in 2 days while according to her serological report she was tested to typhoid, though in fact typhoid report cannot come positive just in 1 or 2 days, possibly it was inactivated and was not infected as what was the cause according to the report.
In short, such kind of reports should not be encouraged, since actually in fact they are showing the activation of the earlier pathological conditions which have already cured but are having their antibodies. Such kind of acute fevers are most of the time due to some viral affection which take part in situations where economy of our body got exhausted due to some various other factors. She was sad due to some other cause where was got susceptible to some viruses which had resulted into that acute condition from which she suffered.
Now what is chronic and how that can be treated through homeopathy whether TB or TB like chronic conditions, wait for my next post.

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