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My dear friends,
Thank you so much for taking interest in my post and commenting on. Some of you who have query and that too interesting about asking the criteria behind my prescriptions and using about Nosodes. In this case as I said this was treated by Dr. Mafkhar, happens to be my son, that too BHMS and MD gold medallist. This case was referred to him from some allopath doctor since this girl was on Streptomycin injections and during the process had developed sensation of hearing loss particularly of her right ear. Beside this also had developed some new complications, the seat of TB was in her lungs which was spread to her bones of the chest (sternum and one rib perhaps which was in the left side). All scanings and serological test reports including drug sensitivity etc. were also discouraging. However, with Dr. Mafkhar’s treatment she responded. His prescription was based on her shyness and weeping and weeping was yielding in nature wise. He gave her Thuja in 200 potency in single dose while Pulsatilla 30 in 3 doses as follow up (dated 26 March 2015). The patient responded very well. In between Pulsatilla was repeated, 3 doses with follow up was of Phosphorus 30 in 2 doses.
However, though the child was responding to his treatment simultaneously was also developing skin lesions in form of eruptions and boils at some places calcified nodules as well. Apart from this she had also started showing some boils in her left leg, some of which were with purulent discharges along with some inflamed abscess as well and which were painful and were also causing fever. During fever she used to get some erythematic eruptions and itching. For a homeopath like me which were a good symptoms indicating that the patient is being helped but unfortunately the anxiety of her parents considered them as some reaction and they took her again to allopathic doctors where she was symptomatically treated. After few days when she developed the original symptomatology of lung origin they rushed back to Dr. Mafkhar. This time she was really in a very bad shape rather was in an acute condition of her chronic ailments. She was gasping to air, was dyspneic in her every move, was having also discomfort inside her abdomen. She was having enlarged liver with its tenderness for which she used to feel comfortable when was lying of left side.
As I told you this was an acute form of her chronic disease and which was resistant to all anti-TB drugs. She was irritable, was constipated with lots of thirst but with dryness of lips as well. Every slightest motion was awesome for her. Though all her symptoms were indicating ‘her remedy as Bryonia but the liver pathology was just opposite to that. She though was having pains in her right hypo-chondrium with fullness of abdomen but was feeling discomfort while lying on the right side. Bryonia patients feel comfortable by pressing their painful sides but she was not. On the contrary was feeling better while lying on the left side. I took the decision very quick, it is because the parents were suggested by her allopaths that admit the patient in the Govt. TB hospital since the parents were not well to do economically. And as we all know that the patient if would asked to go to Tata hospital or to go to TB hospital, they reluctant to do so. And at this stage most of such come to alternative healers so was her parents. I decided her remedy as Bryonia but as the same time was thinking as if the child had developed Bacteremia that is TB germs had also entered inside her liver not only lungs and bones to which she was suffering from.
My guru Late Dr. EGK Menon had prescribed 2 drugs to be taken simultaneously with some hours interval and I was the witness to such kind of prescription which had helped many, so I tried this here in this case. If Bryonia has laurels for lungs pathology Ptelea has for liver. To me She was developing liver abscess not only what she was having in form of abscesses of her bones and skin. The potency of these 2 remedy was in 30. Now why the need of Nosode whether of cancer or of AIDS? Nosode 1 was suggested on her mental state. She was with positive outlook but became depressed and irritable because of not only her disease condition but also because of the anxiety of her parents where should they take her and for what. She was just an innocent girl.
My Nosodes are in not in dynamic form or of in potency though they are in potency form as well where I talk them as per the homeopathic remedy i.e. as Carcinosinum or Virionum. Since my these 2 Nosodes are in, in molecular forms as well to which I named them as Nosode 1 & Nosode 2. And these are like vaccines which help the affected person’s immune system to which I nomenclature ‘Homo-Immunization’ if likes can cure like, why a like cannot prevent like and which is my research. I am teaching this to my students how to develop insite in treating and preventing such complex disorders of this era.
My dear friends, the proving of these particularly of Nosode 2 (Virionum). Carcinosinum (Nosode 1) has the similar clinical picture of AIDS which was suggested by W.H.O. long back. It is in my book in more details, those who want to know all about to these may like to read it. Here I am enclosing the text from some pages of my book ‘Homo-immunization’ and hope that you will like it.

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