Dear Friends,
In my earlier post where TB like conditions were treated by inserting TB germs in 2 cases but now want to share this case of multi drug resistant TB which was treated by converting TB germs into a homeopathic remedy sensitive.
She was 12 years old when I saw her on 29.10.2015, was in a critical condition. She was having fever with headache. Her whole body was sore. Significant symptom was her very painful back. She was vomiting while eating, was having nauseating feeling when looking to food. History revealed when she was a child had pneumonia. Thereafter was treated for TB for around 4 years but was not cured with the conventional line of treatment known to treat TB. Now was irritable particularly when children used to make shout. She used to striking them with her agony. It is because after being treated for TB for around 4years was declared as incurable. According to conventional healers i.e. allopaths was declared as incurable case.
History further revealed that initially was brought to Mafkhar Clinic (Bandra) and was treated by Dr. Mafkhar (BHMS, MD-Gold Medallist). His remedy Pulsatilla and inter-current remedy Thuja helped her. Her lung’s pathology along with bone TB (of her chest) made the lesions descending downwards in her left leg. Unfortunately her parents considered that she had developed some new pathology so they gone to their allopaths again, where she was symptomatically treated. Her swellings and boils like lesions though were relieved but symptoms of lungs and bone TB revived so they came again to us i.e. Homeopathy. Now, Dr. Mafkhar found her condition as miserable and referred her to me.
What I saw she was totally deteriorated and was in a very painful state. Her abdomen was distended, her liver was enlarged, was having complex picture of respiratory disorder. In all, was in a real bad condition, looked as if would die due to respiratory and liver complications. In her serological investigations carried out at PD Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai. According to this report was having mycobacterium tuberculosis complex which was isolated also. She was resistant to Streptomycin, Isoniazid, Refampicin, Ethambutol i.e. known anti-TB drugs. She was also resistant to newer anti-TB drugs like Moxifloxacin and Amikacin. Her germs were only susceptible to PAS, Clofazimine and Capreomycin. Perhaps these 2 news anti-Tb drugs were not tried on her, may be because of economical factor or these 2 may not be available in India.
However, what I saw, she was despaired of her recovery but was irritable, was gasping with pains, little physical movements were tormented, was breathless and having distended abdomen with tenderness of liver, pains were marked while lying down particularly when was lying on the left side. Her tongue was coated. I suggested Ptelea and Bryonia to be taken alternatively with 2 hourly interval and potency of these 2 were of 30. She came again on 7.11.2015 with remarkable improvement except that was irritable and was weeping. My second prescription was Natrum Mur 200 single dose and which was repeated in 1m potency on 21.11.2015 along with some biochemic remedies and Nosode 1. Nosodes are remedies prepared from pathogens.
See the follow up pictures, how homeopathy destroyed her Tb germs which were deeply entered into her system. As she improved the legs swelling and boils reappeared again. This is Homeopathy, the cure is lying within outwards and above downwards. This girl is very active now and has become an example for those unbelievers who think that ‘Homeopathy is No Pathy.’

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