As we know it is a common belief that TB (Tuberculosis) is caused by tubercle bacillus, a myke like fungus, medically known as Mycobacterium Tubercle bacillus, a fungus easily grow in cow’s milk and believed to be transmitted tuberculosis from infected cows to men. Apart from cattle, Mykes or Mycobacterium also seen in some pet birds, like parrots, pigeon and hens.
Here I would like to prove the findings and observations of old masters, the great physicians of their time who for the sake of humanity used disease products as remedy. This science is also known as Nosology and nosodes are the remedy, prepared from disease products like germs, worms and viruses. In pre historic era Chinese were the first who used scales of small pox as remedy against prevention from small pox. In historical era Edward Jenner from England used scales of cow pox for preventive purpose against small pox, and so he was called as pioneer of the vaccination. In Latin cow is called vacca and the term vaccine derived from this i.e. the science of vaccination is also a kind of nosology. Here I would like to mention that Jenner’s vaccine was based on the principle of ‘Like’ i.e. Homeopathy, Likes to be treated by like. His vaccine was from cow pox prepared for prevention of small pox of human. Now, in present scenario, where we see number of TB cases with variety of Mykes or Mycobacterium, most of which are drug resistant where conventional medicine known to treat have became failure.
In Medicine, 3 types of nosodes prepared from TB germs are in practice, one is of Dr. Robert Koach (Tuberculine), Second is of James Compton Burnett (Bacillinum) and the third one of Dr. James Tyler Kent (Tuberculinum). The difference between three in Kent’s word, “I want to take up the study of Tuberculinum. The preparation which I used is a little different from that which is generally found in the market.” It means Dr. Kent had prepared his own nosode from the cow’s cervical gland which was suffering with TB of her breast. Burnett had made his nosode from the sputum of a man who had TB of his lungs. In the same way Koach prepared his nosode from the blood of a TB patient for testing purpose which is being used in dilution form to test susceptibility of testing TB in human. Earlier homeopaths found Bacillinum of Burnett as effective remedy in treating open cases of TB of lungs. They also found Bacillinum as constitutional remedy as Kent found Tuberculinum also as constitutional and clinical with little difference.
Now, one of my nosode Carcinosinum (Nosode-1) which I have prepared from the milk of a young mother who had been treated for Cancer of nipple which I found as a constitutional remedy of tubercular children which are having some similarity in their characters and behaviour. Kent had also seen the same in his proving of Tuberculinum and also some resembling pictures which Donald Foubister had found in his proving of Carcinosin. I have also seen while treating many resistant cases of TB after using my Carcinosinum (nosodes-1) breaks the resistant factor and brings out the actual picture of tuberculosis. In the same way my Virionum (Nosode-2) which has been prepared from the blood of a cured AIDS patient who was also a young lady and was treated by me, which also means that my virionum is different from the nosode of AIDS which have been prepared (by Misa Norland) from some AIDS patient. This nosode I found is effective in treating those TB cases which though were looking like AIDS and or TB but were remained negative to particular tests of AIDS and were also negative to TB tests. That is how I found a link between TB, Cancer and AIDS and thought such complex cases can be treated by converting them first from their complexity form to simplicity. Here, I would like to share 2 such cases to prove my view points.
The first case of a young girl of 17 years then in the year 2011, when she came with variety of problems significant was non-tubercular osteomyelitis with soft tissue tumours means though was having TB like pathology as well as cancer like tumours, means a complex picture. In fact she came on January 31 of 2011 at the Mafkhar Clinic, Bandra (Mumbai) with soft a tissue swelling on her chest over sternum. She was first seen by one of my assistant Dr. Neha Sayed (BHMS). In her records Dr. Neha mentioned that patient was having irregular menses with a gap of 2 to 3 months and used to get very painful periods and which used to last till 5 days with scanty flow but with marked pains. Her other complaints were Leucorrhoea like white of an egg along with itching. Her menarchy (first menses) was at the age of 15 years, since after her cycles were irregular. She had a history of calculi (stones) of urinary bladder, was short tempered, unable to bear solitude or loneliness, nature wise was indolent and lazy like.
Dr. Naha’s first prescription for her was Pulsatilla 200, 2 doses. The follow up was encouraging but because of the re-occurrence and relapses she referred her to Dr. Shahida (my wife) who also treated her for quite some time but because of complex nature of the case she consulted me. I saw her on 14 February 2012 and suggested for the scan of the chest first which revealed bilateral para-tracheal fullness looked like nodes. Lungs were translucent (clear). There was no skeletal abnormality as well. Her test for HIV 1 & 2 was also negative, serum profile was also normal but her CD-4 & CD-8 helpers were at the range of border line, i.e. was not in the category of AIDS either, one more sophisticated test PCR quantitative and qualitative were also found negative. The final impression was possibly of an infective aetiology like Koch’s is raised but with no active pluro plulmonary pathology was also noted. Now biopsy was the only criteria left which suggested by some pathologists but I refused to go for that.
However, my first prescription was Capsicum and Belladona followed by Calcaria Carb, the criteria for which was she used to get recurrent cough which at times were in paroxysmal form and the tumour like lesion was painful to touch. What I found though her condition was stabilised but recurrences were not stopped. So in the mean time she was also seen by other specialists and was suggested to get hospitalized in some Government teaching hospital since the family was not well to do, was from low economic group. After few months she visited us again, it is because she was very adamant for not going to Govt. hospitals or also not willing to be seen by other who were insisting her to go for biopsy. Now her recent scanner (CT scan, dated 16.10.2012) was revealing a complex destructive and fragmented lesion of menubrium of her sternum, possibility of an infective aetiology but not of Koach’s. It is because no active pluro - pulmonary pathology was seen.
Here was the entry of my nosode-1 (Carcinosinum) as constitutional. After few days the soft tissue tumour converted into abscess like and which drained out leaving an ulcerative lesion at sternum from where a sequestrum (piece of dead bone) was blinking out. In between some clinical remedies also given to her based on symptoms. One day she came with that dead piece of bone which was blinking. She removed that herself with a kitchen forceps. Thereafter was a long journey with ups and downs. She developed soft tissue tumours on one side of her cheek and also on her one elbow of same side with similar picture with involvement of deeper tissue and which were very painful and disgusting not only for her for us as well. Every time it looked that we have lost the battle. Finally when the picture became clear TB like but except without TB germs, we entered these germs in a form of nosode which made by Dr. Kent followed with complimentary and some supportive remedies like Phosphorus and Silicia, cured her completely. See in her pictures. One more important thing to be noted, she was not having any BCG scar though there was a history of this vaccine in her neo natal age. The scars came but not on the shoulder but in her elbow because TB after leaving gives a scar. Now, the second case will come in my next post.

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