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Defender cells of our human system are considered as CD4 and CD8 while helper cells are CD2 and CD3 which are also known as cluster forming cells. Amongst all these four CD4 has more significant importance since it is a trained worrier, knows how to defend these self against all those invader pathogens or viruses which are known to cause AIDS or AIDS related ailments. In this brigade one more cell known as giant cell which has phagocytic importance which has the quality of or is capable of engulfing other cells and debris in the tissues which may cause cancer or cancer like conditions. These cells are being trained in the organ which is known as thymas gland and which remained activated during the first 2 years of life after the birth. After that, this gland becomes dried up. In the sense whatever the defence brigade learned inside the human system of a child is in these 2 years how to fight against those pathogens, germs and virus etc. is lying in these 2 years. But unfortunately in these 2 years we do not allow our children to face the crisis which are bound to come because of various conditions including nutrition and environment and which is because of our pediatric and neo-natal care and which has finally made the immune system of our younger generation like a wall without bricks and which will collapse just with a slight jerk or impact whether which will be causing either due to germs, virus or due to some allergens, mykes etc.

AIDS is a disease where a person lacks in acquired immunity and this acquired immunity can only be formed in those crucial 2 years. Acquired immunity through vaccines cannot be last longer since they just don’t have or develop innate immunity against any disease after fighting against those pathogen known to cause whether TB, AIDS or cancer like conditions.

As propagated, AIDS is a viral disease and to which all of us believe so but is AIDS everyone’s problem and whether we are all at the risk of this infection, or it just another chronic disease like TB (tuberculosis) or syphilis? Syphilis is considered as sexually transmitted disease while TB is air born or genetically transmitted like cancer. The fact is after so much advancement in our medical science we still do not know about this mysterious disease. Henceforth, some scientists that too from the USA gave 10 different versions of this, finally accepted that the acute symptomatic HIV infection can occur which is typically followed by asymptomatic period of varying durations which will ultimately progress to AIDS and its associated opportunistic infections and malignancies.

This definition of AIDS is based on the revised 1993, CDC, USA, classification (CDC, MMWR 41 : RR-17, 1992) . Soon after, the establishment of this definition, HIV-2 was also discovered. To me there may be HIV-3-4-5 etc. as we know now more than 20 different strains of typhoid fever or of influenza such as H1N1 or H3N5. It is therefore HIV may be more than these numbers HIV-1 and HIV-2.
However, as we have been forced to believe that HIV is a retrovirus which infects the human cells CD4 (the defender cell) is being transmitted primarily through sexual (hetro or homo), parentral or maternal sources. In this way CD4 (Immunity Marker Cell) is clinically the most familiar laboratory finding in AIDS. Little is known about the pathogenic path way that after all which leads to CD4 depletion during HIV infection. In short, as per my clinical experience which is now as old as the HIV and AIDS are. HIV is not the real terror culprit is the treatment of this through our orthodox means like anti-viral and anti-bacterial therapies. One important point in this context is this that ‘T-cells’ grow very nicely in the test tubes full of HIV virus was observed by Dr. Peter Duesberg who was awarded with Noble for his research on cancer but when he talked announced that AIDS is not a viral disease was thrown out from his post. He was the professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Here, I want to discuss one new case of Asad Ali, who is 20years old now and Parvez Alam who is around 40. Since 20 years I am treating Parvez many times when his CD4 count goes beyond 200 my CD4-num brings his CD4 count back to normal. So was in this case of Asad Ali who came to me when his CD4 count went beyond 400 i.e. below 400 from where the disease progression of AIDS i.e. the real disease which starts from here and after which the patient may survive for few months or few days. Luckily the family doctor of Asad who was treating him for around 10 years was with simply vitamins and minerals i.e. the harmless allopathic medications but when Asad entered into the category of AIDS he raised his hands and put the family in a dilemma that ‘now what to do, whether to start anti retro viral therapy i.e. to destroy AIDS virus or to protect defender cells since it is known fact that anti retro viral therapy (known as specific treatment for AIDS) not only to destroy AIDS virus also destroying defender cells as well.’

In such a dilemma Asad had come to us on 4.4.2014. He was a nice boy with good characters and behaviours and manners and committed to some good cause. He was frightened for AIDS but was not with anxiety or anxiousness. At this stage Maul Halib (my Nosode-1) was prescribed but which did not helped him upto the mark. Now he became depressed. Here, CD4-num was prescribed and which brought the significant result, not only his depression gone but also his CD4 count increased to normal number. Today this fellow is absolutely in his normal condition i.e. no anxiety, no fear or no depression or desperateness of his life.

In the sense, CD-4 not only carrying the knowledge how to fight with the pathogens of AIDS also carry the energy which can destroy the AIDS virus.

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