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DrMirza Anwer Baig

Homeopathy works or not, until one will experience, may not be going to believe the truth of homeopathy that it even works on animals. So my dear friends, for those who do not believe, psychology is out of question in this case which I am going to discuss here. This incidence is of around 30 years ago, I was in Mysore with my wife, daughter & son (elder, who was 4 year old that time, now he is 37 year old). One of my friends, Mr. Haji Bhai who used to live there in Mysore, was a well-known person, was staying in bungalow which was in the outer city. He invited us for a dinner. When we reached he was little tense so as his wife. When I asked about the matter, he said nothing is there. But when I asked him repeatedly about why he is upset then he disclosed that his cow is not well?
The story was that his one beloved cow was sick. She had fever about which he came to know by the evening when she came back to the home which was on the one side of his bungalow. His farm was very big, may be around 2-3 miles area. What I saw the cow was standing quietly, not doing regurgitation, was having temperature.
His worry was that the veterinary doctor was in the city and that too in the evening. It was not possible for him to take her there. When I asked him that I would like to see your cow, he just stared at me and then took me to his cow. I saw the cow was standing quietly & he was with affectionate tone shouting on her by describing that until this morning she was quiet well but suddenly broke the rope & ran away. “Whole day I was searching for her but couldn't get her. She was roaming in the farm & see by the evening in this condition she has come back with high fever & not taking anything”. I also observed there was a clot of blood inside her one nostril. I told Haji Bhai, “Don't worry my friend, your cow will be alright but for that I have to go back to the hotel” since the medicine which I had decided for the animal was in my hotel room. Immediately he took out his car, we reached hotel, took the medicine & a dose of that, made the cow alright. By the time we finished our dinner, the cow was completely fine, was sitting and regurgitating. Now guess the remedy.
The most interesting part of this story was that when I came back to Mumbai, one patient of rheumatoid arthritis was waiting for me and she was the younger sister of Haji Bhai's wife. Haji Bhai's wife told her sister by phoning her “Look a very good doctor from Mumbai had come to our home who made my sick cow alright within 2 hours. So you also see him he will make you also alright”. Now that lady was in dilemma thinking that whether I was a veterinary doctor?!

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