DrMirza Anwer Baig 

Dear Friends,
Some people are considering me as psychopath and danger for the society. Though I am not frustrated or depressed from their viewpoint, rather their comments are boosting my energy. At least such people are considering me as something. You can also see one of such people by following this link:
However, I am sharing about one homeopathic remedy which can help in treating variety of respiratory problems whether of ARDS like (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) or of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Both of such diseases whether ARDS or SARS have not much difference. One i.e. the ARDS can wait for some time, SARS kills immediately. So now-a-days in most of the time deaths are occurring due to these in most of the well equipped hospitals as well as in the public hospitals. ARDS is a kind of anaphylactic reaction due to some drugs or any virus of like swine flu while SARS like condition is because of bird flu. In the sense both are fatal, one kills slowly another just immediately.
This child was around 2 years, very active and energetic and was very fond of watching television particularly of his most liking channels. The father of the child one day considered this habit is not right so he wanted to reprimand him but the child was not willing to accept so in anger father had just switched off the television. After which, the child got so much annoyed with his anger started crying and crying nonstop so perhaps father had also beaten him as well. After which he started crying more vigorously on account of protest against the violence of his father.
The child did not stop crying and on the contrary developed some respiratory distress and turned cyanosed (bluish black) like. So thereafter, the family rushed to the hospital where he was admitted in an intensive care unit of that hospital. He was diagnosed as a patient of severe pneumonia which is usually seen in the patients of swine flu and or bird flu. They kept the child inside the respirator machine but the child did not show any sign of improvement in spite of all kind of internal allopathic medicines known for such kinds of respiratory distress. His parents though were educated but were not economically well sound. Their child was now in coma and hospital bills were going up towards lakhs without any hope. And which was the reason they started looking for an alternative and which made his father to visit us to save the child.
After listening, the whole story and after knowing that the moment the child was bringing out from the (newly made) respirator machine started gasping for the oxygen. So was kept inside that respiratory helper and which was a kind of balloon, a new device for such kind of ailments and which may be certainly available in the best equipped modern hospitals.
I suggested one homeopathic remedy in liquid form with an instruction that the moment when the hospital's doctors would try to remove from the machine and when he starts struggling for the breath you just make him to inhale the vapours of this remedy. It is because if the doctors will come to know about all this they will make this a scene and the blames will be upon your shoulders and to me as well, if the child dies.
Surprisingly, the inhaling of vapours of this remedy made him to inhale in a natural way and then not needed the machine. So the parents, who knew that actually what had helped their son, brought their child from the hospitals against medical advice. God blessed the child and me as well, he survived. Later on I treated the child with his constitutional and causative remedies. He was playful with me. See him with me in my chamber just after few days of my treatment. An obstinate stubborn child had converted into gentle and humble. Now your turn dear friends guess the remedy.

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