CD4-num, the nosode of CD4 can boost the immunity of AIDS patients whose CD4 count goes beyond 200. How this nosode had come to an existence is lying in this story which I am going to share with you. As we know CD4 is an important soldier in the defender cells of our immune system. Its normal range in a sound immune system varies from 600 to 1500. Beyond 200 means when it goes below 200 and which is a death warrant to the AIDS patient. This is the situation which arising in a full blown AIDS condition and in this state their immunity cannot be recovered to normal through our modern anti retro viral therapy also. Such patient may die within the period of 6 months to few more.
The background of this is that a child aged 4.5 year old was brought to me in such a state which is being termed as the stage of full blown AIDS. Her CD4 count was beyond 200, weight was 14kg on 6.1.2001. The child was very sick with a xero-dermic skin, which is also a one characteristic of full blown AIDS, patient’s skin looks as if dead means without shining or glow but with variety of skin lesions, she used to itch them until they bleed. There were few purpuric spots with bloody oozing ulcers and which is because in full blown AIDS patients their platelets-count goes beyond of its range.
Her tongue was smooth and glossy due to multiple Kaposi’s Sarcomas like tumours on it, also was having marks of infected candiditis and thrush. She also had snuffling nose with thick yellow and green discharges. Her immunity marker cells CD4 and CD8 were out of range. Total lymphocytes were also out of range. She was positive to HIV-1 while her DNA –PCR, viral load was 59000. By nature she was bashful, timid but intelligent. Like her mother she was also hyperactive and was music lover with an artistic sense.
Her mother, 27yrs. old, tested HIV positive during the prolonged illness of her husband who had AIDS. She herself had no complaint except that was positive to HIV antibody. Her husband was bedridden and was having very bad viral pneumonia as some patients of AIDS do have this, in medical terminology which is termed as Pneumocystis Carinii yet another characteristic significant sign of full blown AIDS.
The mother of the child was hyperactive and happy go type with a pleasant personality and descent behaviour and committed to a good cause. Her daughter was not on anti-retro-viral therapy because of her profound weakness and very low CD-4 count. On the contrary her mother had large no. of CD-4 cells (beyond 1500) but in her blood the viruses of AIDS were in normal range (0 to 20). The striking point to me was her blood portfolio. The immunity marker cells were beyond 1500 which means out of range but the viral load was within the normal limit which means though she was an AIDS patient but her defender cells (CD-4) which were out-numbered, have destroyed the AIDS viruses and restricted them in to a normal range.
I decided why not to prove her defender cells, their immunity and homeopathic therapeutics. That is why the proving of this CD-4 num came into the picture. The details are in my book ‘Surgery without Knife.’ This remedy was prepared for her daughter and who had responded as well, many more other also responded and responding

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