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Once a staunch allopathy practitioner, Dr Jaswant Patil, a chest physician, could never tolerate the sight of his patients taking homeopathy pills. 
But when allopathy treatment failed to help his ailing mother, in desperation, he switched over to homeopathy treatment. Within 48 hours, his mother was back on her feet and that eventually led to Dr Patil becoming a full-time homeopathy practitioner. 
“I was a strong supporter of allopathy and hated the sight of my patients taking homeopathy pills. Then In 1993-94, my mother (then 48-years-old) fell seriously ill. She was diagnosed with diabetes, cardiomyopathy and multi-organ failure with shock. Being a chest physician and having worked in the intensive care setups, I knew all the critical care treatment methods. But despite various treatments, her spitting of blood (hemoptysis) was not stopping,” Dr Patil told Sakal Times. All specialists had given up on his mother. 
“I was very frustrated and feeling helpless. I was angry at my own medical system and asked myself why can’t I save my mother despite I being a medical expert. It was then I remembered that once when I was down with slip disc during my MD days, I took homeopathy treatment and recovered quickly. That’s when I had brought homeopathy books to study about this branch of medicine. However, I could never relate to it,” he said. Desperate to save his mother, Dr Patil once again went back to his homeopathy books and found a treatment for clinical condition similar to what his mother was suffering from. 
“That’s when I administered the recommended homeopathy pills. Like a miracle, she responded to the treatment within three hours. In 24 hours, there was a marvellous change. After 48 hours, she stood up and in 72 hours, she was doing her daily activities in the house,” he said. 
Dr Patil, who lives in Mumbai and was in the city to attend a national conference on cancer, has gone beyond treating chest ailments like asthma with homeopathy and now he has gained expertise in treating cancer, arthritis and even kidney failure through homeopathy. 


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