A 3 months old female child was brought to Aarish Academy, The Naturopathy College, Mira Road (Thane, Maharashtra, India) on 12th Aug. 2012. She was having advance stage of Hydrocephalus though was operated but the leison was advancing. The nature of surgery was administration of V.P. Shunt to release the intra-cranial pressure of her brain. In this kind of surgery one end of a plastic tube is being inserted inside the brain where the water is logging. The other end of the tube is being bypassed under the skin through neck and chest to the cavity of abdomen so that the fluid which also contain the nutrient substances could not lost and continue to circulate within the body.

In fact this kind of surgery is a palliative one which can only help to survive the patient for some time may be months or years. Most of such patients die or develop variety of complications during such kind of treatment or may be requiring another surgery of the same kind because of the blockage within the tube or the else where. Such kind of lesions are being occurring because of the obstruction inside the aqua ductal passages of the brain which helps in maintain the circulation of the fluid with supply nutrition to the brain cells. Any cause from infection to a space occupying lesions as in cancers or tumors can also may cause such condition where the fluid (water i.e hydra) go on accumulating within the brain (ventricle). Finally makes the brain to burst out because you cannot check the expansion of water to extend outwardly.

In this case in spite of surgery which was carried out just after the birth was failed to make the circulation of water in the brain. And it is therefore was accumulating inside. The surgeon who operated her suggested another surgery speculating that the tube was choked some whare. But the father of the child drawn the line, no more surgery. The child was first seen by Dr. Shahida, Homeopath, Principal of the Naturopathy College. She mentions in her notes dated 12.8.2012 Child was diagnosed at 8 month during pregnancy in her intra-uterine life. The child was delivered by cesarian operation on 9th month, and was immediately operated for the shunt. After that she developed convulsion hence therefore was kept on medication and was also adviced for the another surgery.

However as per Dr. Shahida's notes during pregnancy mother was given medications for the fever which had come with chills when was 8 months pregnant. She also received glucose during the treatment. Dr. Shaida also mentioned the mental state of the child that she was listless but was active. Means though the child was active but was not having any kind of milestone either recognizing, watching, seeing, smiling or weeping etc. Her prescription was Medorrhinum 30, 2 doses divided by 12 hrs. Since there was a history of exposure of her father before marriage and was contracted some sexually transmitted disease. She also suggested Nosode-1 considering the mother underwent into high grade psychological trauma when was told that the child which is in her womb is having so and so complications.

The follow up was encouraging and which continued for few months in between the child showed some ups and downs in which Dr. Shahida's prescriptions were Thija as inter current, Syphilinum and Phosphorus from time to time on 21st Nov 2012, she is mentioning in her notes that the child had passed one end of a plastic pipe through her anus and to which her father excised it by a scissor. After which her enlarging head suddenly became smaller. After which Dr. Shahida and also the father of the child were happy since the size of the head of the child was reduced to a significant stage.

At this stage the child was brought to me. What I found I was not convinced myself. Her skull bones felt to me fragile though her head became small but was not looking normal. And when I came to know that her father had cut the pipe I lost my temper towards her father. Do you know why? The tube which peeped of through her anus had gone there by piercing her intestines. This is a unbelievable and very - very unusual stage that such kin of things can occur. Mind it such kind of surgeries are palliative not curative but palliation does not mean that the condition is being cured. Here on the contrary it was not a palliation at all but was a introduction of a new chapter of which I never heard or read that such kind of complication in the name of such palliative surgeries can occur in the first place.

Do you know what had happened to this child the doctor of the JJ Hospital (a Govt Hospital of Mumbai) who operated by putting the tube inside the sac (room of abdominal cavity) it had passed inside intestines by penetrating them and traveled up to her anus from where started peeping. And where the father of the child used his scissor to cut it.

Do you know the stupidity of her father has created the biggest complication where his daughter was 100% bound to be died. But This had not happened, I don't understand whether it was homeopathy?? I wrote a note to the neuro-surgeons of JJ Hospital mentioning that how and what had been taken place right from her recovery from the surgery to entering the complications of after the surgery. My notes worked positively, they conducted emergency operation on this child and removed the remaining part of that tube. Now see after removing of the tube how fast the recovery of this child from no milestones to smiling and cheering. See in the pictures. I don't consider myself as somehow as prescriber to this case, this was the case of Dr. Shahida, who happens to be my wife.

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