A middle aged man with marked debility looked as if very highly mentally taxed entered in my chamber along with his sub-ordinates. This is somewhere in the year 1995-96. By profession he was ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police), attached to Naigaon (Mumbai) police station. One of his subordinate who was an inspector introduced him to me and said “Once upon a time, our sir was so authoritative that terrorising criminals used to become terrorised in front of him, even we had not the courage to talk to him. God knows what had happened to him that he had lost all the charms of life and have become so silent. Allopathic doctors say this is all because the diabetes which had been detected but in spite of the treatment and precautions are not helping. So we are here, may be with your treatment our sir will get his charm back.”
While I examined him found was physically weak as well. His initial complaints were frequent urination during which he used to pass profuse urine and after that when diagnosed as diabetic and was taking allopathic medications his condition gradually became more worsened and along with sadness and despaired. He was totally listless, totally indifferent even had not responded with a single smile when I made some humour to make him happy.
History revealed that it was somewhere in the year 1992 after Babri Masjid demolition, there was some disturbance in Mumbai city at the Lal Baug area near to his jurisdiction. He, the ACP told that, “after receiving the message of this we reached there on the spot, there was a big crowd and which surrounded us also. We were in our dress but our driver was in mufti (casual dress). The crowd had spotted him and started teasing him and made him to get down from the vehicle. Suspecting this critical situation we tried to protect him but could not do so, so he ran away and the crowd followed chasing him. Somewhere in the turning he tried to escape but the mob was constantly following him, thereafter what had happened God knows. We did not found any trace of his life or his body. Thereafter, I have lost everything, no appetite, no sleep, no any charm in life. Conventional doctors telling this is all because of the diabetes but if it is because of this why I am not getting all right. In spite of taking all medications and care, it looks as if I am a live corpse.”
This was a shocking grief to this ACP from which he could not recovered rather was also considering himself the cause of his driver’s fate, was alive or dead. His heart telling him he is dead, mind accepting the gilt. And, this is how he got trapped between his mind and soul and which had caused his diabetes. In naturopathy diabetes considered as due to disturbance in digestive system where the cause mostly either organic or functional. Functional causes are in the medulla of brain (nerves) and not in the food. Conventional doctors might be telling this to a new form of diabetes i.e. type 2, to me it is because of psychosomatic factors. It was his grief which made him in such a condition where in his own words he was like a live corpse. I prescribed him a dose of................. in 1m potency which made him to make an U-turn and then he got cured completely.
Now, you turn my dear friends, Guess the remedy and fill the blanks. However, here is a clue if this remedy would have been given to the Emperor Shahjahaan who built the Tajmahal after the death of his beloved wife, he would have not developed his hairs grey that too just in few days. Historians have written that after the death of his beloved wife Mumtazmahal who after giving birth to her 14th child collapsed and died. Shahjahaan in his pathos and sorrows did not came out from his bedroom for quite number of days and when finally he came out, came out with grey hairs, all his hairs were turned were turned into grey and white, what his people had observed.

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