Abdul Qadir was 70years old, 27years ago, when came to me for the treatment of his cancer of stomach, now is 97years old. He was suffering with Pyloric Stenosis and was subjected to surgery after which one can only survive for few days to few months only, when he came to know about this while was lying in J.J. Hospital (Mumbai), and a famous surgeon was going to operate on him, he had drawn the line and preferred Homeopathy.
Pyloric Stenosis is serious kind of condition which can be caused either due to shrinking of a peptic ulcer of the stomach or due to some group of viruses which can be also causing breast cancer and cervical cancer of the uterus. In such conditions the nature of operation is Gastro-jejunostomy, which is a surgical procedure in which an anastomosis is created between the stomach and the proximal loop of the jejunum. This is usually done either for the purpose of draining the contents of the stomach or to provide a bypass for the gastric contents. In those days I used to write columns in newspapers to educate people about their health and disease. This is how he had came to me and got treated successfully and also inaugurated my one book ‘Ilaaj Zehmat or Rehmat’ before the press at press club of Mumbai in the year 1988.
He was very weak and was using to pass his stools after every 15 days. His legs were very weak therefore was brought lifting by his relatives from the hospital. History revealed that he used to get diarrhoea and dysentery very often in the past and also got treated for peptic ulcer. He used to live in a flat of one room. History further revealed that he made a mezzanine floor in his room so that his son stay over there with his newly married wife but since after that he lost his own family life. Now, guess the remedy.

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