Reye Syndrome is a constitutional condition of a person, because of which are unlikely to cope with the disease, thus suffer with variety of problems and complications soon after getting affected to any viral infection particularly influenza or influenza like; like swine flu or bird flu or any other flu like lepto etc. In homeopathy one can call this as sycotic miasmatic constitution. Pathologically in such people, particularly who are young, youth or children are having fatty liver, due to which these people cannot produce certain enzymes and hormones or vitamins which are needed in the crusade to save self against non-self like virus, germs or worms etc. Even if the attenuated forms of them in form of vaccines prepared from those pathogens would be fatal to such individuals.
The hallmark to identify such individuals can be a BCG mark. Such children or young ones do not have such mark (scar) which has been observed during the study and observations at the Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy and Research (Thane, Maharastra) for a period of around 10 yrs. However, this is a catastrophic condition means a state of end. Means, the end would come may be just sudden like a plague whether may be due to swine flu, bird flu or any other flu like Lepto may be because of poor rats, monkeys and or pigs. Unfortunately these mammals also carry the same genetic structure as we are having. Hence therefore why to blame these creatures since they are also on the same risk as we ourselves are. During such epidemics which are occurring here in Mumbai or some other parts of India, such creature are not dying, dying are the youth and children in India, why? This is because of Reye Syndrome.
Reye Syndrome is a condition named upon the findings of Dr. Douglas Reye based on the descriptions of Najib Khan of Jamshedpur (now in Jharkhand, India) during the epidemic of Jamshedpur fever in the year 1956. If we wish to save our youth and their off springs we must know about this i.e. the observations of Dr. Douglas Reye which he presented in ‘The Lancet’ (a journal) in the year 1963 rather than killing rats, mosquitoes, hens and or pigs.
One 4 yr. Old Chinese boy was the first who died due to bird flu was having this Reye Syndrome, though his family had nothing to do with the birds (hen) or swine which are supposed to carry influenza viruses (swine flu & bird flu). Now in India so many children like him are dying because of swine flu, the one molecule of influenza like bird flu. Whether ever we have bothered to speculate this main factor in our children are they carrying such root cause which would make them susceptible to such kind of viral affection like swine flu, dengue or lepto etc.
The question is why lepto comes with the onset of rains while swine flu at the beginning of the winter. If we could understand this very simple physiology and anatomy of our globe we can certainly understand the science behind such changing climatic conditions which sometimes brings swine and sometimes lepto. As we know wind flows from south to north east during the half of the year then from second half it flows from north to south west. And this is how the countries around the tropic which are also known as tropical countries like India have 3 seasons in a year Summer, Rains and Winter while remaining countries which are either above to the tropic are below to it have winter and summer. And as we know South Pole of our planet has positive magnetic energy while the North is having negative. Hence therefore these winds are also carrying those molecules with their magnetic influence either positive or negative and which flow along with the winds from one end to another in particular seasons and affecting plants as well as animals.
The molecules are the viruses to which our modern science is defining through our modern tests as positive or negative. During the intervals of every few years they become potent and become able to bring epidemical like conditions which are affecting to mankind as well as to plants. A normal healthy individual though suffer with them but which also produce a defence against them.
A child with Reye Syndrome will not have this natural defense because of its fatty liver because if the fat is inside in such an important organ which producing enzymes and hormones to take part to fight against such pathogens which are coming almost every year in two particular seasons whether with the onset of the rains or at the beginning of winter or of its end.
In fact the fact is a disease is not caused by germs or viruses but by the state of the body which allows the germs or the viruses to grow. So therefore if we really want to save and protect our youth and children then give them pure air, sunshine, fresh and simple natural food and sensible outdoor exercise to them so they will themselves cast out any germ which may damaging their internal anatomy. Above all, the drugs like Paracetamol must be discarded since it disturbs the humoral response of the process of defense by stopping fever which is an important factor of defense. By inducing, it tries to abort and eliminate those pathogens which are known to cause such complications. One such is a Reye Syndrome. Not only fever alone, but stopping of all those psoric manifestations like diarrhoea, vomiting, cough and cold through anti symptomatic drugs on the basis of ‘drug to a disease’ and which are in commonly use are also interfering in the process of defense by disturbing the forming anti-bodies through the cellular response of the system.

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