Leptospirosis or leptospiral infections are also known as seven-day fever causing by germs leptospira which belongs to the family of Spirochaete commonly found in rat’s urine of those which live in a swampy soil, henceforth infect men accidently or occupationally. Victims are those which work bare footed like sewer workers, farmers or fish cleaners etc., or those who may be trapped in such deluge because of heavy rains. Usually those with cracks in the skin or wounds in their foot may be getting affected very easily.
However, man when infected due to this either which would be accidently or occupationally the clinical conditions which may be resulting from this will be varying such as: with Fever of Flu like symptoms may be also Jaundice and or in severe cases with the symptoms of toxaemia or of ARDS. These symptoms may be slow in onset with symptom of influenza like myealgia or of Dengue like or body-ache with headache or of Swine Flu with fever, cough and diarrhoea or with headache like in Japanese Fever. Some may show the symptoms of Encephlopathy also. Yet the most important feature is about its incubation period which may also be vary from few days to few weeks because hemorrhages may occur in the muscles, lungs, liver and or kidneys. Patients may die to renal failure or because of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) or because of the Haemolysis itself due to sepsis which finally leads to Jaundice or into cardio-respiratory arrest either because of severe pneumonia or because of the shock itself after seeing blood.
In the sense, all such deaths usually occur not in few days but take at least 2 weeks or more than that. Usually symptoms reappear if had subsided with allopathic medicines. Second phase of symptoms would come with more severe intensity with chills and a baboon like lesion in the groins (the junction of the thigh with the abdomen) which have also been seen during the epidemics of Bubonic plagues or during severe pneumonia which has also been seen earlier during the Pneumonic plague. Modern nomenclature now to this is ARDS.
Homeopathic medicines which can be helpful during such epidemical conditions and during its complicated stages as preventive and therapeutics would be possibly (as per the totality of the symptoms) are 1. Arsenic Alb... 2. Pyrogenium 3. Hepar Sulph 4. Crotalus Horidus. There may be many others as per the selection upon the similia.

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