My dear friends,
Some of you have agreed about the errors of our sophisticated modern tests particularly when are required for a climatic condition, such as which are usually occur in form of seasonal flu, malaria, typhoid, dengue or swine flu etc. even leptospirosis. One more example is of various kinds of zymotic fevers causing from different kind of micro-zymas, which do occur as per different geographical and climatic conditions and which were used to diagnose by their symptomatology and not by any test.
Yet one more example is about the testing kits for the first time which came to India for testing HIV AIDS and which showed a number of AIDS positive patients in Africa did not find a single case here in India. This is what happened around 30 years ago. The surprising part to this story is when another kit was brought to test for the same purpose through the same technology found every third to fifth person as HIV positive. This is what the story behind the 2 sets of kits to test HIV molecules which are 1 & 2. Though there may be many more of such kind of molecules and which may be requiring some different kind of kits and which will be varying as per the geographical distribution and upon the biological waste varying with different hygienic environmental conditions. In the sense such kind of tests are only measuring which have been designed as per the biological waste which is being collected from different places by different companies which are manufacturing such testing kits. This would be the sole cause that any vaccine against AIDS could not be developed so far and same is with malaria.
If someone wants to test, what I mean to say here, send the same sample to different labs, different opinions come, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, sometimes with different versions. However, how an overlapping of antigens which may give a wrong report or reactivation of the previous one or even a previously cured condition why resurfaces, I have learned this from a case which I am going to share with you.
The patient my wife was 53 yrs old that time when she was about to succumbing with her mysterious illness, was on death bed, successfully treated by my guru Dr. EGK Menon. The surprising part is that he had not seen the patient, prescribed only on phone after hearing about the case. Dr. Menon had also treated her when she had cancer 30 yrs. ago when she was about 33yrs. old.
This event happened in the month of July in the year 2006 i.e. around 10 years ago from today. The patient herself a good homeopath was going somewhere along with her father, got trapped in rains. After getting down from the car they had to walk in ankle deep water on the road for some distance. On the same day evening had taken food outside along with her family members. Two days later she developed fever with chills, nausea and vomiting and body-ache for which she took the medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum 30, few doses, which gave her some palliation but after a lull of one or two days she got the fever again with more chills, severe headache and body-ache, for which her (mine too) elder son who is also a homeopath, gave her some medication and managed the case but that did not helped much. Her fever used to come in the evening when I was away from the home, busy in my patients, only was getting information on phone from them about her conditions.
Now she consulted Dr. Menon on phone, who was in Kerala that time, suggested some medicine to her but which also did not helped. Her acute condition and symptoms modified because of entering into sub-acute stage. This worried me though the symptoms were varying but were looking like malaria and which was not responding to the medications which she was receiving either by me or by my son. Now, at this stage her parents were also worried and insisted that I should go for test so I sent her blood samples for serological studies and which came as Typhoid positive. To my surprise the symptoms were looking like typical malaria but reports were suggesting of typhoid and that too with two types of typhoid which were shown positive.
I consulted Dr. EGK Menon again since my wife had more faith on him than me. Now, Dr. Menon sir had advised some medicines, also asked me to give allopathic treatment to manage the case and which responded to some extent but at the cost of her health. She became more weak and prostrated after taking those allopathic medicines. Now, though there was no fever but her health was deteriorated, surprisingly as long as was taking homeopathy was moving around and was also eating well but with allopathy in addition became bed ridden. One more thing, every time when she used to get the bouts of fever I was never at home. Now, already two weeks were over and the test for typhoid also became negative in her second report but she was remained unwell due to weakness, prostration and because of not eating. In this way almost 10 to 12 days were over.
It was 11th July 2006, and she was on bed at home and I was in my Bandra clinic, my elder son was at my south Mumbai clinic when serial train blasts were happened in various places in the city. Now, when I reached at home she was watching tv and already was aware of the situation that what is happening in the city and that was terrifying and she had become worried about elder son, who was in the town and did not returned till midnight. This incident affected her health again and she got the relapse of fever next day morning. I observed, first she felt thirsty then started feeling chill, there after she felt to go for the urination, there after started vomiting. I told all this to my guru Dr. Menon sir on phone. He suggested Nux Vomica single dose, perhaps which was 200 in potency and then asked me to watch and report.
After which her vomiting were stopped, she also felt some better but again fever came and which was now 106 degree Fahrenheit, after which she got exhausted and looked as if had become unconscious. After which we all including my son started managing her fever by various kind of methods rather than giving any medicine to her. I saw as her fever started getting high, her eyes turned red. I observed some rashes which started appearing on her hands and legs. Her skin of her legs started turning yellow. I thought she is entering into the third week of typhoid or had already entered into the toxic phase because her fever this time had shoot to highest degree from the lowest and that too in a mysterious way. Now also what I observed that she was having some scratches on her right ankle and which were because of the itch which she had some time before. She also used to get pain and soreness in her right hip joint. In her test report which was repeated twice, she had low platelets though typhoid was negative but now malaria was positive. Her temperature from 106 became 105 and at that time looked as if was gaining consciousness.
She said now “I am not going to survive.” I was observing her whole night when temperature became 104 she got pain in abdomen and she went for toilet where she passed hemorrhagic stools which were very putrid with cadaveric odor, was totally exhausted. To me, this was the symptomatology of toxic and hemorrhagic stages of typhoid but serologically she was reported as a case of malaria. She was moaning but was not shouting or showing any kind of restlessness or anxiety, was complaining as if the whole body is drawing, pains are in all joints which became more by slightest movement, sometimes used to become as if had become unconscious again, was sobbing and crying. The weakness was so much that was not able to open her eyes even but when I said that “there is no other option except to take you to the hospital,” she became angry as if was not willing to go to the hospital. She also passed stools on bed by turning her to one side. All these symptoms were looked to me of Muriatic Acid but I did not give her since I wanted to tell all these symptoms what I had observed whole night to my guru Dr. Menon. He was also very anxious to know about her health status.
In the early morning, when I reported all what I observed, he said “Baig saab, somewhere we have missed the totality of the case, because perhaps we were confused”. So I described the whole picture which I was observing the whole night. I told, “Sir the more dominating symptom is her nausea. She kept on nauseating even with slightest motion, vomiting is also very severe, whatever eats vomited out. The fever is also of typical kind, as when it increases her eyes become red, that time she developed aversion for light. As fever increases her legs also started getting yellow, she is very weak, the leg's muscles become loose as if having no life. As fever raising further she starts getting pain in her right inguinal region as if some focus is there deep inside her abdomen which looks like a nodule type, which could be some glandular swelling as well. Her tongue is coated white with brown spots. Her vomits are also having the same kind of substances in spots. Stools are very horrible with very bad smell, watery and black looks are hemorrhagic. Above all the weakness and prostration is very-very marked. In morning no temperature rather had become sub-normal. It looked whether she is suffering with yellow fever and would need blood transfusion. I have booked a room in the hospital and will be taking her there but since you said report therefore reporting you.”
My respected guru Dr. Menon thought for a moment and suggested me a remedy for her at this stage which was to be given in 2 hours interval 3 doses only. I gave her that remedy then left home and reached to my in-law's home who were residing nearby. I told her father that “I am going to take her to the hospital and I think she may need blood transfusion. Her condition is not very good, so pray for her.” I went to the doctor under whom she was been planned to be admitted and explained about all what was her condition. After all these arrangements when I reached home back my sweet beloved wife was sitting on the cot and was sipping tea which my maid had prepared. This was yet another pleasant shock to me and to my knowledge. I was amazed, “Oh my God what kind of homeopathy is!!!”
My dear friends, now your turn, guess this remedy what my guru had suggested at that stage where she was about to die and I knew this if would have been admitted her in the hospital I am sure she was going to die there i.e. was going to lose my wife and in the news that would come 'one more death due to leptospirosis.' I salute my guru Dr. EGK Menon once again and wish him very - very Happy - Prosperous - Peaceful - Healthy and Long Life on the eve of Guru Purnima.

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