Can urine of a rat kill you? If you believe so then don’t come to Mumbai during rains. 7 days rains have killed 14 people just in 2 weeks. According to conventional therapists, which have died were of due to leptospira a germ found in rat’s urine. God knows what have killed them? I know one boy Khalique who defeated leptospira by befooling doctors who were treating him.
He was 12 years old then in the year 2005, 26th of july when whole Mumbai got flooded and about 200 young boys died due to a mysterious fever which was for the first time in Mumbai was diagnosed as leptospirosis. The cause of death in such boys was ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) where deaths were occurred due to some anaphylactic reaction where the patients were also vomited blood and also passed that in their urine and other excreta. Khalique was one of them, who were also diagnosed as leptospirosis patient when he vomited blood. The details of this case are in my book ‘The post-mortem of Blood Flu’ published in the year 2006.
This boy Khalique who was staying at Kurla (one suburb of Mumbai at the bank of Mithi River) which was the most affected area in that flood. Khalique was trapped inside the deep neck water and was saved by some people otherwise he would have drowned inside the Mithi River. However Some days later he got flu like symptoms with nausea and vomiting and was treated by local doctors, also took some medication which was freely distributed by BMC (Brihan- Mumbai Municipal Corporation) with the help of some pharmaceutical companies who donated these drugs (Camaquine and Chloroquine, both are anti-malarial) since the people were dying like plague and that mysterious fever initially considered as malaria. This fever came with chills and body ache. Khalique also had taken this along with the other medication which was given by his family doctor. Thereafter though his fever was down but now was vomiting blood hence therefore was admitted in some private hospital at his locality in Kurla. There in the hospital, when he came to know that hospital doctors were planning him to shift him to a big public hospital when suspected him as the patient of leptospirosis. This young, smart and intelligent boy when heard this that who so ever go to the big hospital for treating leptospirosis is dying there so he absconded from the hospital by saying that his one aunt is staying there near to the hospital so he would like to see her before shifting so she should also know about this. Surprisingly Khalique who escaped from that hospital brought to us by some of his relatives. That time we were along with some students of Aarish Academy holding a camp there at that the bank of Mithi River. We gave Khalique Ipicac considering his vomiting of blood was because of the chloroquine and not due to leptospira. Khalique is still alive and healthy.
Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease which infects animal like rats, mice, dogs, pigs and cattle. Surprisingly no such animals in Mumbai are dying due to rains, dying are the people like us who get trapped in knee deep water. Fear and phobia can also bring fever. The fact is this is the complications occurring because of symptomatic treatment of such climatic conditions have become the sole cause for sole cause of such kind of deaths, not the rains, mosquito or rats.
The present symptomatology of leptospira which was flashed through media as which I have mentioned above do have the proving of Dulcamara because in Mumbai in the month of July, the temperature was very high when the continuous pouring of rains, nonstop for more than a week had brought the temperature down and which was a favorable climatic environment where a molecule can produce Dulcamara like flu. If my colleagues of conventional medicines would know about this remedy may save such dying patients. The problem to this era is many of us know how to treat fever or common cold, diarrhea etc. through which our body trying to eliminate those molecules which developed in the air due to such climatic conditions which we sometimes termed them as malaria or flu and treating them with our symptomatic medications whether of allopathy or of homeopathy. In fact which helps in bringing such complicated conditions where the people die due to such molecular epidemiology which develop in a natural way and rather help to develop immunity in an individual person who has to live in certain situation. So the need is to educate people as well as doctors.
Leptospira though caused by a rat urine but it is an industrial hazard not due to a climatic ups and downs where the people are dying just in few days. Leptosira takes longer times. At least 2 to 3 weeks to kill not just in a week.

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